The Lawyer's Solution to Holiday Gift Giving: Handwriting Thank Yous

Posted on 12-14-2016 by
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What should you do when your client sends you a Christmas gift, card, or letter?  Don’t fret – the easiest and most impactful response is to send a simple thank you letter!  Don’t just type it out though – handwrite it!  Here are some good reasons why:

Personable Touch!

By sending you something, your client obviously thinks highly of you and values you more than on a “strictly business” level – they appreciate your services.  Sending the festive gift, card, or letter is also a kind gesture.  So, the nice thing to do (unless you’re Scrooge) is, be nice back!  Handwritten letters are the epitome of the “personable experience”.  They say, “I care!” and “I appreciate it!”  Writing a Christmas letter lets the client know that you appreciate the gesture and want to reciprocate the thoughtfulness in your own way.

Commands Respect!

Handwritten thank yous are typically written on nice looking paper with your firm’s logo at the top.  A client receiving this standard of letter will be honored by your thoughtfulness.  Think about it: the client is used to seeing Times New Roman or Calibri on ordinary, blank, white paper.  But your aesthetically pleasing letter, with its polished format and your own personalized touch, will make them feel like they are getting special treatment.  They feel distinct because you provided them with something different… something that’s better than what they’re used to. 

The End Goal – Trustworthiness!

Here is the end goal: if your client ever needs the services of a lawyer again, they’ll potentially turn to you the next time they need help.  They will remember you because of how you made them feel, before and after your handwritten letter graced their day.  You represented them well during their trial.  You gained their initial favor.  You responded kindly and personally, in the spirit of the holiday, to their extension of kindness.  And finally, you earned their total trust because you followed these simple pro-handwriting rules. 

How a little personal thank you could go a long way…

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