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Motorcycles are popular vehicles for Las Vegas residents, and they can be enjoyable to take on a road trip or simply to ride down the Las Vegas Strip. Indeed, according to data reported by, there are more than 71,000 registered motorcycle owners in Nevada alone. While motorcycles can be an important part of your weekend routine, it is important to recognize that motorcycle accidents can occur without warning, and they often result in serious and even fatal injuries.

According to a recent article in Motorcyclist Magazine, however, riders can take steps to help ensure their own safety when they are on the roads in and around Las Vegas. How can motorcyclists prevent accidents? In short, the article emphasizes that rider visibility is one of the most common causes of motorcycle collisions, and thus by improving rider visibility, we can help to limit the number of crashes that occur. The following represent three important tips from the article.

1. Make Sure Drivers Can See You

Motorcyclists should choose lane positions that put them in “open view” so that they are visible to automobiles around them. It is particularly important to avoid a car’s blind spots and to avoid tailgating. When motorcyclists tailgate cars, it can be very difficult for the automobile driver to see the rider. In addition, motorcyclists should ensure that they are not riding in areas of the lane into which a driver is likely to turn.

2. Do Not Assume an Automobile Driver Can See You

Even if you take steps to ensure that you are not in a driver’s blind spot and that you are not tailgating another car, you should never assume that a car or truck driver can see you. Even if a motorcyclist feels as if she or he is in plain sight, that rider may nonetheless be in an area that is difficult for a driver to see. As such, motorcyclists should always remain alert when they are riding around larger automobiles. In addition, riders can consider the “trick” of moving across lanes as they approach automobile drivers—which can, in basic terms, involve weaving backing and forth within your lane—to ensure that they can be seen.

3. Wear Brightly Colored Clothing

Like pedestrians or cyclists, motorcycle riders should wear clothing that allows them to be seen and makes them appear distinct from drab backgrounds. In other words, riders should wear brightly colored clothing that will grab the attention of car and truck drivers. In addition to brightly colored clothing, motorcyclists can also brighten themselves up on the road by wearing a brightly colored helmet or putting reflective material on their motorcycles.

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