Stone-faced attorneys: Some lawyers are still (wrongly) stoic about their social media profiles

Posted on 03-28-2016 by
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Winning clients means putting your best face forward. Does this mean a lawyer’s “ticked-off” face? That’s what history or popular culture would have you think.

In social media, your best face isn’t your “ticked-off” face. Today’s lawyers do it less and less, but it still rears its ugly head – you know, the header photo that’s overly serious and bordering on rancor. Like these example headers, which tend to shout:

“Lawyers … fall into formation!”

“Photograph? Too damn busy!”

“Hulk smash!”

“Welcome to the dungeon!”

A little bit of hyperbole, but lawyers are often stereotyped as wooden, steely eyed and unyielding. It’s part of the reason why movie lawyers (outside of comedies) aren’t pictured as smiling, happy-go-luckies.

But this stereotype isn’t necessarily the reality. And if it is, it’s a reality that doesn’t have to be adhered to - either in social media or professionally. Nothing says lawyers can’t let loose – a little or a lot.

On the “a lot” side, Austin attorney Pete Reid filmed a commercial that rode a roller coaster of chaos – from solving a Rubik’s Cube to karate chopping boards to scoring a soccer goal. Not to be outdone, the Texas Law Hawk, Bryan Wilson, stuffed his commercial with hawk screams & this constitutional-motorcycle declaration: "Due process? Do wheelies!!!"

On the “a little” side, attorneys a loosening up when it comes to their social media profiles. There’s a loosening in design, banners, bios and personal pics. Despite this, a pocket of legal professionals still adhere to the old ways – i.e., tightlipped, toothless scowls that say, “I mean business.”

To this unsmiling army – beware! The new guard might smile you out of business.

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