Millennial & Research: What Does The Future Of Research Look Like?

Posted on 03-28-2016 by
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As someone who has been labeled a “millennial” I have found myself constantly linked to the “digital age”. One big change that has come out of the digital age has been in the way millennials conduct research. Encyclopedias and history texts have been replaced by web browsing sites such as Bing, Google and Yahoo. The use of an actual book for research has become a rare occurrence. As I look around and see the countless advances we’ve made in research technology, I can’t help but ask myself:

What might the future of research look like for millennials?

In the future, I envision this information being imprinted onto our minds instantly. All we have to do to research something is to “ask Siri” and then BOOM, we’re presented with the most recent (and reliable) information. That information would then be imprinted onto our minds instantly.

Interesting concept, right?

The scary thing is that we aren’t too far off of this concept if you think about it. We already have Siri, which answers our questions, but we have yet to discover a way to have that information imprinted onto our minds.

At this moment this is just an idea, but who knows how close we are to making it a reality in the future. How do you envision the practice of research changing in the future? What would you like to see?

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