Wait until your worker’s compensation claim is Ripe!!

Posted on 03-25-2016 by
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Have you ever eaten a strawberry that wasn’t quite ripe yet? Let say for this illustration’s sake that you know the strawberry isn’t ripe yet, but it looks so inviting! The color is vibrant red and the aroma is intoxicating. Just looking at the little morsel your mouth begins to water. You can’t resist any longer you grab strawberry take a bite and your mouth is filled with a tart sour taste. It is as if your taste buds are punishing you for eating the strawberry too soon. If only you had waited and been patient, you might have had a different experience. Instead of tart and sour, it would taste sweet and refreshing. Instead of your taste buds quivering in discontent, they would rejoice with this tantalizing delicacy. But you wanted it now! You couldn’t wait for it any longer and you reap your reward.

 I have seen this scenario frequently in the world of workers compensation, no not with strawberries but with settlements. The insurances companies want to save money. They can do this by getting to settle for a much lower amount then you are entitled too.  If you have been involved in a work related injury, you may have experienced this. Instant gratification is very tempting, especially when there are medical bills pilling up, expenses that need to be paid and mouths to feed. The insurances companies often take advantage of your finical circumstances and con you in to accepting a lesser settlement then what you are entitled to. The often swoop in acting as a bringer of hope, offering money to help pay you medical bills and expenses. They know you are in a bind, and they use this to their advantage.  Many insurance companies will try and settle with you for some minuscule amount of money right away. This is a tactic they use to save them money. It is true that work comp cases can often take months even years to be resolved. This can cause emotional, physical and finical stress. You may think that this is the only way out, but there is hope. Medical providers often put a lean on your medical bills until your claim is settled. Skilled worker’s compensation attorneys know how to help you and beat these insurance companies. Don’t give in to instant gratification. Be patient and get the fair compensation you are entitled to. Not a penny more and not a penny less! Don’t eat the strawberry before it is ripe.

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