Millennials &Research : What is still relevant these days?

Posted on 03-24-2016 by
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Have you ever been talking with someone who is older than you and they bring up something and all you can respond with is a blank stare of confusion?

Chances are we all have experienced this before and with the growing presence of technology, it is more likely to happen. Technology has changed the way we research. No longer do we utilize books as the “go-to” tool for research. Instead we head straight to the internet for fast, reliable information. However, this does not mean all print text resources are irrelevant these days? There are still the few texts that still serve a purpose.

For instance people who write a lot (like me) still find the Associated Press style guide still helpful. While we can find the same guides online, having a physical copy can be better. It allows us to check our work while we search through the guide as opposed to constantly toggling between programs on your computer.

Publications such as cookbooks and almanacs remain relevant because each book’s contents are unique and they can vary from year-to-year.

While search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have vastly improved our research abilities, they have yet to make the previously-mentioned publications obsolete.

So what print publications do you believe to be still relevant today? Let us know by comment below!

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