How Do We Know What We Know?- Info-gathering As A Millennial

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As a millennial I have experienced both the days of library cards and shelves filled with encyclopedias as well as the days of waking up and having information at the tips of my fingers with a stroke of a key while lying in bed(and depending on the weather a cup of hot cocoa in hand). The way we millennials go about getting information is drastically different than those of past generations.

Now-a-days we flock to social media to gather information. Instead of hitting up our friends Brittanica and Merriam Webster, we check in with our new friends Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. These new platforms satisfy our want of instant gratification. We no longer have to flip through 2,000-page books to find an answer to a question. Instead we can find that same book online and execute the Ctrl+F command and enter a key word or phrase to find the same answer to the same exact question.This would give us the answer in a fraction amount of time than it would take to search through an encyclopedia manually.

So what's the millennials favorite social channel for getting information?

According to a study by Media Insight Project, which studied how millennials get news, they broke down how often each channel is used to collect information. Here is what they found:

  • Facebook - 88 percent
  • YouTube – 83 percent
  • Pinterest -36 percent  
  • Twitter -33 percent
  • Reddit -23 percent    
  • Tumblr -21 percent

At the end of the day these findings clearly support the notion that millennials have indeed moved on from the ways of old and instead have clang onto the ways they were raised up with; they ways of the “digital age”.

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