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Owning a business requires getting their first, leaving last, wearing multiple hats, juggling tasks, giving it your heart and soul. When a business owner goes through a divorce, it makes it that much harder to be the "general in chief" and much harder to perform at a top level. A divorce is hard on most people who go through it but when you own a business or businesses, you need to prepare for litigation and prevent minor flames from turning into a devastating tragedy. If you have partners, they may be affected and may not want to sit idly by while your spouse wants to question them, question their income, question their responsibilities/their capital contributions/their withdrawals. Furthermore, when you face a divorce, a simple business valuation may not accurately reflect the value of your business. A Judge once said, the value of an asset is the amount someone else is willing to pay for it, not what an appraiser simply says. 


I grew up in a home that was supported by a small business. I saw first hand what it was like to choose employees, fire employees, purchase equipment, market services, collect on invoices, customer service and so on. It was hard. It was hard but my father would have it no other way. When he came to the United States from Italy, it was sink or swim. He learned his trade from working on golf courses and from others in the field. Soon after he started his business literally knocking on doors. I worked for him during a 12 year span. I learned the value of hard work and the pride of owning a business. Today, I own my own businesses. That pride resonates in me and I would not trade it for anything. Big firm "prestige" and promises, and benefit packages do not impress me at all. As a businessman, my freedom is worth more than anything else. I know when a business owner comes to me with a business legal problem or has other legal issues such as a divorce, I know what is critical to him or her. I know that there is a turning point that if he or she gets pushed too far that they will lose that pride and lose that power, lose that ambition, that incentive, that encourages them to take on the world each day. I know how to effectively represent business owners in a variety of legal issues including family law and divorce law matters. 


I tell you this because I will not let anyone try to purposely destroy what you work for, what you have worked for, how hard it was and how hard it is. I have a passion for business and I represent my business clients with that passion. I am their guardian and their fighter when someone believes they are entitled to something they are not or want it to come tumbling down so that you are forced to give up or sell, I will not let that happen. I have seen lawyers who could not build their own successful business try to ruin those you have. I will provide you with the best options when it comes to handling a divorce and which assets to hold on to and which ones to give up on so you can keep the things that are most important to you. 


As business owners, you learn early on that when you try to skimp on critical services and items, you end up paying much more in the end. As time goes on, you learn that you get what you pay for. The same is true with an attorney. Do not hire the lowest cost option, do not try and nickel and dime your lawyer because your divorce or business litigation attorney is the one who is fighting for you, whether you see it or not. When you are home sleeping or at work burning the midnight oil, your lawyer is thinking about and working on  your case, your life. 

If you have a family law, divorce law or business litigation case in Hudson County, Essex County, Bergen County or beyond, contact at attorney who understands your point of view, who has been there before and who will be your advocate, Contact my office today on 201-706-7910 to setup a confidential appointment in our Jersey City office.  We represent successful entrepreneurs, small to mid size business owners who need to focus on profitability, time management, revenue growth, managing one or multiple location who live in Jersey City, Hoboken, Bayonne, Alpine, Weehawken, Edgewater, Iselin, Short Hills, Watchung, North Bergen, Bergen County, Fort Lee, Harrison, and beyond who own businesses in New Jersey and throughout the world. 

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