How Do We Know What We Know?- Info-gathering As A Millennial
Posted on 03-17-2016 by Chad Troyan

As a millennial I have experienced both the days of library cards and shelves filled with encyclopedias as well as the days of waking up and having information at the tips of my fingers with a stroke of a key while lying in bed( and depending on the weather... Read More

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Apple-DOJ Showdown Forces Courts to Weigh National Security and Data Privacy
Posted on 03-16-2016 by Eric Olson

The Justice Department brought a temporary halt to one of the more difficult legal disputes in recent times when it announced on March 28 th that it had found a way to unlock an iPhone without help from Apple, allowing them to withdraw their lawsuit to... Read More

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President Obama announces Merrick Garland to fill contested Supreme Court vacancy
Posted on 03-16-2016 by amanda-alge-bales

This morning, President Obama nominated Merrick Garland as the nation’s 113th justice to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. While much controversy will continue to arise around how the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate will treat the President’s... Read More

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What Is Automobile Liability Insurance & Do I Have Enough?
Posted on 03-15-2016 by Joshua Johnson

Automobile Liability insurance in Idaho is the insurance a person carries that is meant to protect a vehicle driver and owner from the risk of being sued for causing a motor vehicle accident. Idaho law requires all drivers to have automobile liability... Read More

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What Happens If My Son/Daughter Commits An Adult Crime Under The Age of 18 In Utah?
Posted on 03-15-2016 by Jill L. Coil

Individuals under the age of 18 are not considered to be legal adults and they do not have the same rights as adults. For example, they cannot vote, sign a valid contract, serve in the military, purchase or smoke tobacco, or even get married without permission... Read More

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The Lawn Dart Files: the Products Liability Case Part I
Posted on 03-15-2016 by David Alexander

Remember lawn darts? Years ago, some executive at a sporting goods company had the bright idea of adapting an ancient Greek military weapon as a toy, creating a fun family yard game in which groups of children would hurl heavy steel darts at each other... Read More

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Register for this Upcoming Webinar--Litigation Outsourcing—Should It Be in or Out?”
Posted on 03-15-2016 by Tracie Morris

Register to join us for this upcoming March webinar: “Litigation Outsourcing—Should It Be in or Out?” As a law firm, legal department or government agency, you naturally do a lot of legal work. But you also perform an incredible amount... Read More

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Divorce Attorney for Business Owners in New Jersey
Posted on 03-12-2016 by Santo Artusa

Owning a business requires getting their first, leaving last, wearing multiple hats, juggling tasks, giving it your heart and soul. When a business owner goes through a divorce, it makes it that much harder to be the "general in chief" and much... Read More

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A step closer to politicians & pistols at 10 paces? 6th Circuit kills political false-statement law
Posted on 03-11-2016 by Travis Burchart

Politics are evolving … from liars-loathed to liars-friendly. At one time, a political lie got you shot. Aaron Burr’s motive for dueling and killing Alexander Hamilton can be summed up by this Burr comment recorded in Ron Chernow’s... Read More

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On #PiDay, let’s celebrate the Pi of law … The Constitution
Posted on 03-11-2016 by Travis Burchart

Two things about Pi. As an irrational number: it has an infinite number of digits; and it doesn’t settle into an infinitely repeating pattern. Sort of like our Constitution.* Much like Pi, the Constitution: has an infinite number of... Read More

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Liability of Employer or Principal
Posted on 03-10-2016 by Stephen Muhonen

The doctrine of Respondeat Superior provides that an employer or principal is liable for the actions of their employees or agents while committed during the course and scope of their employment. This rule of law is extremely important in those scenarios... Read More

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Being Careful at the Work Place
Posted on 03-10-2016 by Fred Lewis

Work place accidents happen when we lose focus and go into kind go on auto-pilot. Don’t let this happen to you. Many life altering worker’s compensation claims result from just a moment of loss of concentration. Many of my clients that I... Read More

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5 Tips to Help Recovery From a Traumatic Brain Injury
Posted on 03-10-2016 by Ramzy Ladah

Every traumatic brain injury (TBI) is different, as is the recovery course and experience for each TBI patient. The following are some general tips to help recovery whether you have sustained a mild, moderate, or severe brain injury. 1. Follow The Doctor’s... Read More

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March Madness : Which Law Schools Would You Consider To Be “Cinderella” Schools?
Posted on 03-09-2016 by Chad Troyan

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / The NCAA Basketball Tournament is well known for its’ “Cinderella” teams, or teams that are capable of achieving far greater success than what would be expected. For instance, in 2013,... Read More

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President Obama Likely to Look to One of These Candidates to Fill Contested Supreme Court Vacancy
Posted on 03-09-2016 by Angela Chmielewski

The unexpected passing of Justice Antonin Scalia , one of the most influential jurists of recent American history, created an immediate vacancy on the Supreme Court and touched off a firestorm of controversy about how the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate... Read More

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Grammar Tips to Improve Your Writing
Posted on 03-09-2016 by Chad Troyan

Grammar can be a difficult practice for some people, but if you are good at it, your writing will sound (and look) a lot better. So for those of you who would like some help, check out these tips thanks to GrammarBook . Tip 1: To avoid confusion (and... Read More

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Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in Athens
Posted on 03-08-2016 by J. Lee Webb

When a member of a family suffers from alcoholism or alcohol abuse, it can be tough on everyone involved. Some people are in denial that a loved one has a problem with alcohol, while others do not recognize the signs and symptoms associated with these... Read More

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Minority status not enough to discharge student loans.
Posted on 03-07-2016 by Numbscholar

Why is it that an unemancipated 16 year old cannot legally agree to a binding legal contract EXCEPT if that contract is for federal student loans. Is a 16 year old college student mature enough to understand the far-reaching effects of student loan debt... Read More

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How Do We Know What We Know: Info-gathering As A Millennial
Posted on 03-07-2016 by Chad Troyan

One minute you’re taking in the breath-taking Paris skyline from atop the Eifel Tower and the next minute you’re surfing on the beaches of California. So how is travel like this possible? It’s simple- the internet . Now before... Read More

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#OscarsSoWhite: Is it fair to compare the Selma to Montgomery March (51st Anniversary this month)?
Posted on 03-07-2016 by Travis Burchart

Last week, The Guardian’s Steven W Thrasher blew some favorable air into the #OscarsSoWhite balloon but wasn’t afraid to poke it with needles. He said : It [#OscarsSoWhite ] wasn’t as successful at solving anything, as it was inadvertently... Read More

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