Three Legitimate Ways to Keep Your Medical Costs Down

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The burden of a personal injury can cause your healthcare costs to quickly escalate, as you seek the medical attention you need. When trying to handle this financial responsibility, there are several steps you can take to legally reduce medical costs that may prove beneficial to you throughout the process.

Don’t Use the Emergency Room as a Primary Care Facility

The emergency room is an expensive health care option that is best left for emergencies. If you are experiencing symptoms of a common illness, try over-the-counter remedies first. For more serious injuries that don’t rise to the level of an emergency, make an appointment with your primary care physician. Even if you have a co-payment, it is likely far less expensive than a visit to the emergency room. If you are without a primary care doctor, consider a neighborhood pharmacy clinic or an urgent care facility. According to, these options are more expensive than a primary care visit, but still far less costly than the emergency room. However, it is important to remember that a true emergency is best treated at an emergency room.

Shop Around for All of Your Care Needs

There is nothing illegal about choosing a less expensive physician. Far too often, patients pick a name out of an insurance directory without researching the doctor’s fees. Call around to several physicians and ask for a fee list. The same applies to your laboratory needs. Your doctor may suggest a particular lab for testing or a procedure. Before you blindly concur, call around to other facilities and ask how much they charge for the same procedure. You may find a more financially sensible option.

Compare costs for prescriptions as well. You may be paying for the convenience of your neighborhood pharmacy with considerable higher prices. Call around for more cost effective options. If your prescription is still considerably high, contact the manufacturer of your medication to inquire about discounts or assistance programs. Though they are not highly publicized, a lot of the manufacturers offer these services.

Review Your Bill

Don’t pull out your checkbook without reviewing your bill for accuracy. The Medical Billing Advocates of America estimates that 80% of medical bills contain errors. Look over your bill carefully and note any problems or concerns. Then, contact the doctor or laboratory and request an explanation of the charges. This may require some persistence, but your hard earned dollars are worth it. If your bill is beyond your financial means, consider calling your provider to request a discount. According to Martin Rosen, author of “The Healthcare Survival Guide”, this works in the patient’s favor a majority of the time.

You work hard for your money, which is why you should find a lawyer that works hard to help you secure the compensation you deserve for personal injuries. 

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