Which Version of Which Are You Talking About: Confusing Words Pt.3

Posted on 02-03-2016 by
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Have you ever read something and realized that a word was used incorrectly? Chances are we all have and the only way to correct it is to be able to distinguish differences between words. Thanks to Daily Writing Tips here are the final four commonly confused words.

1. Throws/Throes

Throws is the third person present form of the verb to throw or a noun regarding a light blanket.

Throes is a noun that means severe pains.


2. Track/Tract

Track is a noun that means a mark or series of mark left by the passage of something.


Tract is a noun that means a book or written work treating of some particular topic.

3.  Till/ ‘Til

Till is used as a conjunction with the same meaning as until.


‘Til is a shortening of until.

4. Torpid/Turgid

is an adjective that means benumbed or devoid of power or motion of feeling.


Turgid is an adjective that means swollen, distended , puffed out.


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