Why Representing Yourself in a Divorce or Family Law Case Could be a Disaster

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If I gave you the basic tools as to how to treat a root canal, would you do it yourself? I hope the answer is no. The same holds true when trying to represent yourself in a legal dispute, especially something so sensitive as family and divorce law. By representing yourself, you will hit a nerve quickly and the pain will not go away as fast as in a dental office. There are companies that offer divorce forms, there are opportunities to represent yourself in simple matters (certain traffic matters, etc) but when it comes to what is at stake in family law, you would be foolish to represent yourself. The reason why even a lawyer would hire another lawyer to handle anything to do with their family and/or a divorce is that the emotions involved with these cases can set you off to the point where you will not even agree that the world is round. Everything will become a fight. Without experienced counsel, you are just a phrase away from dooming your own case and how your family dynamic will be forever changed. 

An attorney learns what is important to you. The attorney learns what is critical to you and what is just an issue that you can deal with regardless of how the Judge rules. This is important because your attorney can frame your arguments accordingly and can negotiate for you, which is a skill by the way that is learned in school, life and experience. When you negotiate for yourself, the opposing side will try to get you off focus and try to make you offer concessions without getting what you may be entitled to. It is not worth the risk. 

The vantage point an attorney has is something a litigant will never have because the litigant is in the middle of the fight and the litigant has so much at stake. The lawyer can guide you accordingly and prevent you from hurting your own case. This type of work is priceless. While the root canal analogy may not resonate with you, the truth is, the pain in family and/or divorce court will hurt much more than ever imagined if you do it wrong and try to fight for yourself. No pill will take the pain away. So in the end, if you have a matrimonial/family law dispute, be wise and hire an experienced family law attorney to fight for you. 

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