Which Version of Which Are You Talking About: Confusing Words Pt.2

Posted on 01-27-2016 by
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We have all seen words used incorrectly. There will always be those words that sound too similar to distinguish the difference which word is meant and which meaning that is associated with it. So how can we better distinguish these words? Thanks to Daily Writing Tips here are three more commonly confused words to help us with our confusion.

1. Tenant/Tenet

Tenant is a noun that is someone who rents property.

is a noun that means a principle or belief.


2.   Than/Then

Than is a conjunction used after a comparative adjective or adverb in order to introduce the 2nd member of a comparison.

is an adverb that refers to a specified time, past or future, as opposed to the present.

3.  Through/Threw

Through is a preposition used to convey the idea of entering the inside of something and coming out the other side.

Threw is the past tense of the verb to throw.


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