From One Generation to Another, Historic Milestones Remain A Common Thread

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“Every generation is gonna keep changing, and you just have to embrace the change.”Wyclef Jean

Each of us is a part of a bigger generation – it’s in our blood, our actions, and our thoughts. And, while generations are marked by time markers, there is a common thread that brings us all together – historic milestones.

Each generation is typically defined by a historic event or milestone. Take me for instance; I am considered to be a millennial, and in my lifetime I’ve been able to witness countless milestones. No longer do I have to go to the library whenever I need to research “Where in the world Carmen Sandiego really is?”. Now all I have to do is hop onto the internet and type it into Google and BAM! -I know where she is (or at least where she might be given how quick she was at evading me).

No longer do we do our fighting for social justice solely on the streets through marches or protests. Instead, we spread the word and love virally. We spread knowledge of the various injustices through social media. What once was letters now has been replaced with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

But the milestones don’t stop there. When I turn on the television and our President speaks I’m constantly reminded of our country’s first African-American president.

With a historic change in leadership also comes a historic legislature as the once taboo act of same-sex marriage is now legalized in all 50 states.

How awesome is that? How awesome is it to know that we no longer restrict others’ right to love a significant other?

Finally as we start winding down the year there have been recent reports from Stanford Medical Researchers that they have made substantial ground toward a possible cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

So what might the next generation bring us? Our first-ever hologram president? Who knows? One thing we do know however is that the possibilities are endless as we welcome in the New Year. So let’s raise our glasses and have a toast to 2016!



Posted on : 29 Dec 2015 5:34 AM

Well 2016 and will surely have many great things to reveal to us just like how this year and the last have been. As far as the next generation goes, technological advancements have to happen.

Posted on : 4 Jan 2016 1:44 PM

Such content always inspires me and motivates me to achieve my goals and set a new milestones every year. 

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