Reading the Fine Print: A holiday spin on its importance

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If you were offered a job where you could travel the world, and eat anything you like – would you take it? Sound like your dream job? For Scott Calvin (the lead character in the movie “The Santa Clause”), it was a position he was forced in to because of one small oversight – reading the fine print.

So here we are at the court house about to listen to the following case- Scott Calvin vs. North Pole Inc. The plaintiff, Scott Calvin, is arguing that despite putting on Santa Claus’ suit, he is not Santa. The defendant, North Pole Inc ., argues that he is indeed the new Claus in town. Making the claim that he failed to read the fine print on the following business card:


The fine print read:

ln putting on this suit and entering the sleigh the wearer waives any and all rights to any previous identity, real or implied, and fully accepts the duties and responsibilities of Santa Claus in perpetuity until such time that wearer becomes unable to do so by either accident or design.

In the movie (Spoiler Alert) we see Calvin transitions into becoming the new Santa and grows to really love the new job. While in the movie the incident fails to become problematic, real-life incidents regarding the failure to read the fine print may not always end up with a suit against corporations.

According to, corporations are starting to put arbitration clauses within their fine print of consumer or employment contracts. These terms must be accepted if the consumer [or employee] want their new purchased item or job thus forcing consumers “…into arbitration hearings that prevent individuals from banding together to fight those with deep pockets.”

This trend of arbitration clauses has resulted in numerous class-action lawsuits being thrown out across the United States.

So next time you are about to sign a contract, whether it’s purchasing a Christmas gift or becoming the next Santa Claus, remember to read the fine print. It may save you a lot of trouble!

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