Five of the Most Ridiculous DWI/DUI Charges Ever

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When most people think of getting charged with a DWI/DUI, they imagine operating a motor vehicle such as a sedan, truck, or SUV. They do not think a DWI/DUI is in the realm of possibility if they are riding a horse, or even a lawn mower. Well, think again. Below are five the most ridiculous DWI/DUI charges, and the motorized vehicles involved may shock you.

Felony DUI Charges for Operating a Motorized Cooler

A gentleman from Whitehall, New York faced felony DUI charges after being pulled over on his tiny motorized cooler scooter. The vehicle was actually a cooler capable of holding multiple alcoholic beverages. But what was the vehicle’s max speed? Only 15 mph. The gentleman from New York was reportedly swerving while operating the cooler on a public sidewalk. He not only faced felony DUI charges, but was also charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

Blades of Grass and Beers – Alleged Drunken Operation of a Lawn Mower

A gentleman in Blountville, Tennessee attempted to evade police while on his lawn mower. The low-speed pursuit lasted for about half a mile before police pulled him over. He failed a field sobriety test by blowing a 0.15 and had an unopened can of beer in his pocket.

In a Wheelchair and Ready to Party – Alleged Drunken Operation of a Motorized Wheelchair

A gentleman was found passed out on his motorized wheelchair on a highway in Northern Australia. When police found him, they administered a Breathalyzer test and this individual blew an absurdly high 0.301.

Horse Play – Riding While Intoxicated

A Colorado man was cited for a class-B traffic violation for drunkenly riding his horse named Cricket. Even more shocking is the fact that a woman from Alabama was also charged with drunkenly riding a horse. She was taking a late night jaunt through town. Though, she was also found to be carrying drug paraphernalia, including crystal meth and pills.

Mattel Mixed Drinks – Allegedly Drunken Operation of a Child’s Barbie Wheels Car

A gentleman from Essex attempted to drive a home-built electric vehicle designed for young children, with a max speed of less than 5 mph. It was a pink Barbie Wheels car. What were the consequences? He was sentenced to a 3-year driving ban, largely due to the fact that he had another drunk driving offense on his record in the last 10 years.

Speak to an Experienced Austin DWI Lawyer

These stories are funny to read about, but getting charged with a DWI/DUI is no laughing matter. Being convicted of these charges can have life-altering consequences. A DWI/DUI conviction can adversely affect your ability to obtain certain types of employment, apply to certain schools, rent a particular apartment, etc. And, of course, your auto insurance premiums will likely skyrocket, even if you were charged while operating a lawn mower or Barbie Wheels. That is why you need to contact a drunk driving defense lawyer right away. Let an experienced, aggressive Austin DWI/DUI defense lawyer advocate for you.

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