Job Satisfaction –Do Legal Professionals Like Their Jobs?

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When it comes to the legal profession, the chasm between perception and reality is vast. It seems that there are new stories daily about the exorbitant cost of law school alongside stories about the absence of jobs in the legal market. Lawyers are often the punch lines in jokes and portrayed to be at the center of all that is wrong in the world from politics to business to or our personal lives.

Despite the negative perception in the media, Hollywood often portrays attorneys as glamorous intellectual superheroes in any number of legal dramas as attorneys perform miraculous feats on a weekly basis. It seems that you can find a number of opinions about the legal profession, but what is the truth about those that actually work in the profession? Are they happy in their careers?

Many may have shared my misconception that the legal profession was not a happy one. In fact, when we surveyed a group of legal professionals and asked them about their job satisfaction the results were overwhelmingly positive.

Some of you may be thinking –wait . . . what? You’re saying lawyers actually like their job?

And to that I answer- yes, they do.. .

It seems like we are sold this idea by the media, but when the professionals were asked “Overall, how satisfied are you working for your current law firm/organization?” the results illustrated that about 87 percent of respondents were satisfied with their job.

What contributes to this misconception about job satisfaction in the legal profess

Professionals were also asked “What do you enjoy most about working for your current firm/organization?” The results (below) showed that “day-to-day tasks” received a 45 percent vote.

Another misperception about the legal profession involves compensation. Hollywood and the media often portray attorneys as part of the uber rich. While there are certainly many attorneys that have achieved great financial success, respondents to our survey indicated that compensation was what they enjoyed least about their current position.

What do you think?

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