When is Child Support Over?

Posted on 11-15-2015 by
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Unlike many states, New Jersey does not have an automatic age where child support ends. The key to emancipation is when the "child" leaves the sphere of influence but at the same time, the child cannot simply sit at home expecting that the weekly obligation will continue to come in even if he or she is 33 years old. If the individual is not in college, not in trade school and is over 18, there is a very good chance that a court will order support to end. On the flip side, if the child is in college or trade school full-time, a Judge can find that child support still needs to be paid or it can be lowered if college contributions are made. Emancipation cases are very fact specific and it is your lawyer's job to find out whether the child is in school, working, etc if the opposing side tries to hide this critical information. Other instances that c/s should end is if the child enters the military, gets married, and finishes college with a 4 year degree. I have seen situations where mom still seeks more money even while the adult is in graduate school. Enough is enough. It is great to help your child directly but to pay mom or dad when the student is more than capable to earn money is not fair and not the law. Contact my Jersey City office is your seek to end your child support or lower your child support obligation today on 201-706-7910.  For more information about our child support team and experience, visit our webpage here. 

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