Mending your emails: 3 bad habits that blow a hole in your email writing

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In any business , one of the most important tools is email. It is the lifeline to any client or potential prospects. Given its’ importance, it would be wise to clean up any bad email writing habits you may be guilty of. According to The Media Online, here are three bad habits that will hurt your email writing.

1.  Having blank or poorly written subject lines

Make sure your subject lines is short, sweet and to the point. If you leave them blank, they’ll most likely be answered last, however if you write, ‘Urgent! Need answer today!’ for every single email, it’ll lose its’ effectiveness.


2.  Sending visually overwhelming e-mails

Make sure your email isn’t visually overwhelming. You can avoid it by breaking up the text into paragraphs of not more than five lines a paragraph . Avoid any emoticons or GIFs and lastly try to condense any lengthy email signatures.


3. Writing ambiguous, convoluted, jargon-ridden sentences

It is never good when you have read a an email and don’t know what the sender is trying to say. Write clearly so your recipient knows what is being said. Keep your sentences crisp and free of jargon.

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Posted on : 5 Nov 2015 8:26 AM

As overwhelming it would be to use industry jargon, it may not be very pleasing to the reader, if they are not from your industry. Therefore, it is good to use simple language and not keep the mails too colorful.

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