Understanding Administrative License Suspensions in Georgia
Posted on 11-30-2015 by J. Lee Webb

People can often find dealing with the legal system after being accused of a DUI to be confusing. One big reason for this is that a DUI arrest actually triggers two separate legal proceedings. There are the criminal proceedings that lead to a conviction... Read More

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Email Marketing Tips for Law Firms [VIDEO]
Posted on 11-30-2015 by jaredbanz

You need to stand out in a crowd in order to be successful. So how does your firm stand out amongst the competition? If you can’t answer this question definitively, then LexisNexis and Lee Rosen of Rosen Law Firm are here to help. Rosen hosted... Read More

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Are BAC Calculators Reliable?
Posted on 11-30-2015 by MichaelKraut

There are various blood alcohol concentrations calculators available that are designed to give someone an estimate of their BAC based on a number of factors. These BAC calculators are easy to use and generally only require the test taker to enter his... Read More

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Composing an RFP? 3 Things to Avoid
Posted on 11-30-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

The article below has been republished in full courtesy of Law360, written by Kelly Knaub Competition between law firms vying for new work can be intense, and attorneys responding to requests for proposals may be tempted to do everything in their... Read More

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How Blissful is Ignorance
Posted on 11-29-2015 by Dr. David B. Adams

December 2, 2015 This is the 863rd Weekly Issue This Week's Topic: “Just How Blissful is Ignorance?” Question: “…he refuses MRI and CT scan saying that he would prefer not to know.” Dr. Adams replies: A patient... Read More

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Will The New 'Star Wars' Movie Bring In More Revenue Than 'Avatar'?
Posted on 11-25-2015 by Nadya K

There has been much debate as to whether the new Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will bring in a greater revenue than James Cameron's Avatar. In the U.S. alone, Avatar managed to bring in a gross revenue of $760,507,625 with a worldwide... Read More

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Atari and the 1st Amendment: What do they have in common?
Posted on 11-25-2015 by Chad Troyan

Photo Credit: Stefano Tinti / Shutterstock.com In a time long, long ago came a game; a game so simple it consisted of only two rectangles and a square… Now I know what some of you “techies” may be thinking- How can a game so simple... Read More

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Can a Homeowner Be Liable for for Injuries to Visitors?
Posted on 11-24-2015 by Ramzy Ladah

Owners owe a duty of care to visitors of their property. While businesses are often discussed under this area of law, homeowners should also make themselves aware of their duties and possible consequences of not meeting them. Three Types of Visitors... Read More

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How To Know When When Divorce Is The Right Answer
Posted on 11-24-2015 by Jill L. Coil

The decision to seek a divorce is one of the most difficult choices an individual may ever make. Determining when the time is right for a divorce can prove extremely challenging, but there are some circumstances where divorce is unquestionably the best... Read More

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Five of the Most Ridiculous DWI/DUI Charges Ever
Posted on 11-23-2015 by Robert Buford

When most people think of getting charged with a DWI/DUI, they imagine operating a motor vehicle such as a sedan, truck, or SUV. They do not think a DWI/DUI is in the realm of possibility if they are riding a horse, or even a lawn mower. Well, think again... Read More

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The 5 Greatest Gaffes To Give Your Opposing Counsel
Posted on 11-23-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

The article below has been republished in full courtesy of Law360, written by Ed Beeson There may be no greater gift you can give opposing counsel than the gaffe you made in open court. From sloppy preparation to near-slanderous presentations, lawyers... Read More

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DUI & Undocumented Immigrants
Posted on 11-20-2015 by MichaelKraut

While getting pulled over and arrested for a DUI can be a terrifying experience for anyone, undocumented immigrants may have additional concerns; namely that the arrest may result in their deportation from the United States and being separated from their... Read More

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A “Star Wars” Constitution: The “Bill of Rights”
Posted on 11-20-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

Lightsabers, guns and the “force” – perfect ingredients for a long-standing battle. Could it also be the perfect ingredients for, dare I ask, another Star Wars movie? The long-running series has revolved around the story of a rebellion... Read More

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Having a hard time retaining clients? 3 Tips from Those That Keep Firing Their Firms
Posted on 11-19-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

The article below has been republished in full courtesy of Law360, written by Melissa Maleske Twenty percent of large law firms report they lose four of their top 10 clients every year, and bringing in new clients can cost eight to 12 times more than... Read More

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DUI & Security Clearances
Posted on 11-18-2015 by MichaelKraut

For people whose jobs require a security clearance, a DUI arrest or conviction can pose a significant problem. The White House has published Adjudicative Guidelines for Determining Eligibility for Access to Classified Information and “alcohol consumption”... Read More

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REGISTER NOW for the LexisNexis December Training & Webinar Opportunities!
Posted on 11-18-2015 by Tami Hubbard

Looking for something to do in your down time. Sign up for one of these “Coffee Break” webinars! Each of these webinars are only 30 minutes and offer valuable information. What’s even better about these webinars is that you will receive... Read More

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International Men’s Day: Why We Need It Now More Than Ever
Posted on 11-18-2015 by Chad Troyan

Chuck Norris once said: Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth. At first glance and if you were to take it literally, this might come off as a harsh slam against men, but if you dig deeper you can find some truth to... Read More

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Job Satisfaction –Do Legal Professionals Like Their Jobs?
Posted on 11-17-2015 by Tracie Morris

When it comes to the legal profession, the chasm between perception and reality is vast. It seems that there are new stories daily about the exorbitant cost of law school alongside stories about the absence of jobs in the legal market. Lawyers are often... Read More

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DUI & Holidays
Posted on 11-16-2015 by MichaelKraut

Not surprisingly, DUI arrests and traffic accidents in the Los Angeles area are always higher during holidays. People may have time off of work or school and more people will be out drinking and celebrating during holidays. There may be parties and family... Read More

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The Interviewing Process: 9 “Intangibles” That Can Help You Stand Out
Posted on 11-16-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

The interviewing process can be challenging for everyone involved. Advice about interviews can take on many forms, but much of it places the focus on the conduct of interviewee and how they can distinguish themselves from other candidates, including what... Read More

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