5 time management errors that'll rob you of your time

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Time is important to us. We value it. So it never puts us in good mood when we feel it is being wasted. Luckily for us Fast Company is here to help us with 5 time management errors that will waste your time.

1.  Waiting For Permission

Many people don’t have formal flexible schedules; they work how they wish and figure if they deliver results. People can go years waiting for someone to give them permission to build the life they want, or they can simply choose to work as they wish and see what happens.


2. Packing Your Calendar Full         

Having white space in your schedule is not a bad thing. Many people often underestimate how long it will take them to complete certain tasks. Having more free time will allow you to seize more opportunities.


3. Failing To Plan Your Day Before You’re In It

It’s proven that our energy levels are peaked around 8 a.m. so before you get to work, pick two or three professional priorities and determine when you want to take them on. Make a goal to get everything you have to done by 10 a.m. so it allows you be flexible for the remainder of the day.


4. Disrespecting Your Personal Life

If you have your professional life planned out, the n you will allow yourself to make plans for your personal life as well. Having work/life balance means bringing the same mindfulness that you bring to your job to your family and leisure time.


5.   Focusing On What You Don’t Want To Do

Fill your schedule with some fun things. By doing this you will in turn focus your time on the things you don’t want to do (emails, errands, grocery shopping etc.). You’ll be amazed how efficient you’ll become.

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Posted on : 29 Oct 2015 10:20 AM

Well most of the time what happens is that even though you have planned out your day perfectly; there are tasks that may come up on the last minute which you may not be able to avoid. In such scenarios it is crucial you have some extra time left, which on other days you can utilize to gain more industry knowledge or read something.

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