Fantasy Sports (Pt.3) Not Wanted: Fantasy Football Police

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If we repeatedly tell others “life isn’t fair” ,why do we continue to try to make laws whose sole purpose is to level the playing field? Right now there is not greater example of this than the battle going on over the booming fantasy sports industry.

The issues that DraftKings and Fanduel have been experiencing are worrisome, but what is even more worrisome is the prospect that the government could put their hands into these booming fantasy sport businesses. So let me just put this out there:

Fantasy football (or any other fantasy sport) doesn’t need a “fantasy police task force”.

When reports came out of alleged insider trading between Fanduel and DraftKings, countless people argued that it provided an unfair advantage. While it is good to have concerns about this, it isn’t as big of a problem in this instance.

What many people fail to take into account is that we have the opportunity to obtain insider information through various outlets. ESPN televises its own show dedicated to fantasy football and offers inside information to those who subscribe to ESPN Insider. While it costs money, it is available. It forces you to ask yourself- How important is your fantasy team to you? Would you be willing to invest your own money in order to win your league?

Another flaw with the regulator mindset is that there is no clear cut way to regulate fantasy football. If there is no clear cut way to regulate it, then it shouldn’t be messed with to begin with. The only way the government should be sticking their hands into this business/hobby is if they have clear cut rules to regulate it.

So I’ll say what I’ve been told countless times – life isn’t fair. And if life isn’t fair then why try to level the field in fantasy sports? Why try to change something that, for the most part, is fair? The answer to this dilemma is to do nothing. So all I’ll do is leave a sign here that reads the following:

Not Wanted: Fantasy Sports Police


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