Wasting your words: 5 words/phrases that muddy your writing #WritingLegally

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There are many ways to make a good first impression. A huge tool for that in the business realm is writing. Here are5 words/phrases that muddy your writing according to the Business Journal.

1.  Actually

This word is pointless. If something is ‘actually happening’, then it’s just happening. Take out the actually.


2.  The Fact That

It’s fair to assume that whatever comes after these filler words is a fact. As a result, if it is a fact, just state it as so.


3. ‘At the present time’ or ‘currently’

If someone says, “I am having fun,” then there is no need to add, “at the present time” or “currently.” It is not needed and your writing will be better without it.


4. The saying of this

Some people will write things like, “the taking of notes” instead of “taking notes.” If you write like this, cut out ‘of’ and ‘the’.


5. In my opinion or I think

If you’re writing in first person, than it can be assumed that everything you say is your opinion or what you think. Because of that, there is no need to state that’s what it is.

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Posted on : 9 Oct 2015 9:46 AM

I think most people make the mistake of using the "actually" word too much.

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