What Should an Out-of-state Tourist injured in Orlando Do?

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The last thing anyone one wants to deal with when they are in vacation is an accident and getting injured--especially in a beautiful location like Orlando. And yet, it is not uncommon: Florida has an unusually high number of boating accidents, bicyclist deaths, theme park injuries, hotel injuries, and car accidents; in some instances, the highest rates in the country.

Last year alone, there were close to 600 boating accidents reported; this year, close to 70 people had to be evacuated from the Orlando Eye—the largest Ferris wheel on the east coast—after being stranded 400 feet in the air when the ride broke down. And many tourists are injured just by staying in their hotels if they slip and fall, or unfortunately suffer from food poisoning.

Florida Law

Some (lax) state laws related to recreational activities arguably place people in danger sometimes. For example, Florida has relaxed requirements for boat operators and drivers using cell phones. In addition, Florida’s roads and speed limits, arguably, were not created to accommodate bicyclists and ensure motor vehicle safety.

However, Florida law requires that a business provide patrons with the highest level of reasonable care. Any facility hosting guests has a duty to protect them from harm and can be held liable for any injuries caused by a dangerous condition that they were aware of. This involves keeping guests safe both indoors and outdoors, if on their property.  In order to bring a claim, a victim must first prove that the business had actual knowledge of the dangerous condition, that is, that it existed so long or occurred so regularly that the business owner should have been put on notice of it before the incident.

Have You Suffered a Tourist Injury in Orlando?

If you suffer a tourist injury in Orlando, it is important to consult an attorney in the area before you leave Orlando. If you have to bring a personal injury case, it is crucial that you speak with an attorney who can investigate the (local) accident right away, as well as potentially line up the relevant experts because the case will likely be closer to where the accident took place. This is especially relevant if you have suffered from any brain injuries. In addition, an attorney in Orlando is likely to have a relationship with the court where your case will end up. This is why it is important to have a local attorney providing you with guidance. 

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