Censorship- Americans’ new love interest?

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To censor or not to censor? – that is the question. There are many questions that could be asked about censorship, but the most interesting one may be:

Do you like censorship?

Some of us may be against it and some may be for it, but who stands with the majority? According to the Guardian- the people who are pro-censorship.

According to the Harris poll, which surveyed 2,244 U.S. adults, the number of people who believe books should be completely banned has risen by more than half than four years earlier. In 2011,when asked how many books should be banned, 18% responded that they wanted “some books” banned. This would rise to 28% in 2015. That same questioned received the answer “no books should be banned” from 56% of people in 2011, but that number would drop to 48% in 2015.

This trend shows that maybe Americans have grown to appreciate censorship to a degree. Here were some other key findings from the poll:

  • 42% of Republicans are likely to believe some books should be banned (23% Democrats agreed with claim)
  • 60% of Americans felt children should not be able to borrow books containing explicit language from libraries (33% feeling they should)
  • 48% wanted to block children’s school-library access to books containing reference to violence (45% felt children should have access to such books)
  • 33% said the Koran should not be in school libraries (55% felt it should)
  • 26% were against school libraries featuring books “that question the existence of a divine being or beings” (66% felt such book they should be available)

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