3 myths that’ll wreck your workplace communications #WritingLegally

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There are countless myths we have been led to believe over our lifetime. Sometimes it’s wise to heed them while other times it can be detrimental. Here are three myths that will wreck your workplace communications according to Business Insider.

1. You should use your conversation partner’s name a lot

You don’t need to address your conversation partner’s name a lot. Not only does it sound unnatural, but it may put people on guard. People often connect this act with something bad such as an argument.


2. Body language reveals what speech hides

People may misinterpret body language that goes with their talk. For example, just because someone coughs while you are trying to make a point, it doesn’t mean they disagree with you. Also, if someone is scratching their nose, it doesn’t mean they’re lying.

3. Silence means someone is thinking

Despite what you may think, it actually doesn’t take people long to not only process what they have heard , but figure out how they will respond.

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