How to Achieve the Elusive Work-Life Balance As a Businesswoman

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Work life balance is important; it is key to a healthy life. Too much work and you might feel burnt out. Too little work and you lose sight of structure or personal goals. The life of a businesswoman can make it hard to find that balance as they take on their professional responsibilities as well as their potential motherly responsibilities. According to Huffington Post Women, here are 5 tips to help businesswomen achieve work-life balance:

1.  Keep It Organized

Make sure to have time set aside for family and time for work. Have set times to work on yourself. Help your co-workers or teammates set their own schedules and boundaries so they can improve themselves as well.


2.  Keep Communication Open

Create an environment that promotes open communication and trust. Make other others feel able to open up and talk about anything that may be going on their respective lives. Let them know you are there for them for support and guidance.


3. Treat Employees Like Family

Treat your employees with love, respect and kindness. Ask them about their lives, work with them to help achieve their personal goals. Doing this will make your employees excited to work for you and help grow the company.


4. Make It Part of Your Mission Statement

Include personal growth into your employees’ performance plans. By doing this they will know they will be supported and rewarded when they achieve personal growth goals.


5. Set A Good Example

Don’t fail to address your own personal goals because if your team sees you achieve your goals, they’ll be motivated to do the same.

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Posted on : 4 Sep 2015 7:34 AM

As easy it is to say "do not bring office work home", it is tough to maintain it especially when you run a business. But that's one major things to do for an elusive work-life balance.

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