Allison C. Shields: From law student to lawyers’ champion

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 A career after law school doesn’t always mean arguing in front of a courtroom or pushing papers at a law firm. Instead, law school can lead to other creative outlets and business opportunities. And for Allison C. Shields, owner and creator of Legal Ease Consulting, Inc., a love of teaching and writing, coupled with a law degree launched a formidable legal consulting business.

Allison has been able to carve her own path around her love of the written word to pursue her passions in a number of ways. As a consultant, she gets pursue her passions daily by writing for both her clients and her business while providing insight that leads to more productive, profitable, and satisfying law practices.

“I always wanted to be a writer, and considered being a teacher for some time. I wanted to do something creative. I never thought I would go into law,” Allison says. “I took the law school entrance exam on a whim and then did so well on the exam that I felt I should apply to law school. After all, the law involves a lot of writing and, to some degree, teaching.”

Like many law school graduates, Allison’s career began by practicing law in a traditional firm environment. While there was a lot that she enjoyed about practicing law, Allison took particular pride when she had an opportunity to leverage her writing skills and creativity to develop a successful arguments. However, building and running her own business ultimately proved to be a better fit. According to Allison, she “came full circle” and while she still maintains her law license, she is no longer practicing law.

In talking about how her business capitalizes on skills that she honed during law school, Allison commented that “My consulting practice with Legal Ease Consulting, Inc. involves a great deal of writing, both for my business and for my clients, and a lot of teaching and training.” Allison also serves the Executive Director of the Suffolk Academy of Law, the educational branch of the Suffolk County Bar Association. Allison commented about her responsibilities, “I oversee the arm of the bar association that provides all of the continuing legal education, putting those same skills and interests to work.”

When asked about whether she regrets any of the decisions that she has made about her career, Allison commented that while she would not trade any of her life experiences, she admits that she should have trusted her instincts more and had the confidence to carve her own path sooner.

“I wouldn’t trade my law school or law firm experience, and I enjoy the lawyers I work with now, but I would probably have made more time for creative endeavors and travel earlier in my practice.”

To those pursuing a career in the legal profession, Allison recommends learning how to delegate and how to create a support network. In talking about solo attorneys, Allison commented that “it isn’t enough to be good at what you do and to be self-motivated.” You have learn how wear multiple hats while also learning how to rely on others in order to develop a successful business.

When Allison isn’t focused on her growing her business, she enjoys expanding her horizons through reading and travel. “I love to read; it’s an escape, but it does great things for your brain, too; it can spark new ideas. I find that when I haven’t made the time to read, my creativity and my productivity both suffer.”

Allison C. Shields is the President of Legal Ease Consulting, Inc. where she shows law firms how to prevent lawyer meltdown and build a practice they take pleasure in, with clients they truly care for. Contact Allison if you think you are headed for a “Lawyer Meltdown.” Know the warning signs >>

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