Do same-sex marriage & climate change have something in common?

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Let’s play a game of ‘Which is not like the other?’. Here are your three things:

  • Climate Change
  • [Insert random topic that seems to fit in some]
  • Same-Sex Marriage

Give up?

The answer according to Law and Environment, would be Climate Change and Same-Sex Marriage. Two cases are mentioned, one in state of Washington and the other in the Netherlands, where the courts ordered each to “take more aggressive action against climate change”.

The court for the Washington case ordered the Washington Department of Ecology to reconsider a petition filed by the teenagers (who originally complained) requesting reductions in GHG emissions. The same type of actions were required by the Netherlands in their case. In fact, they were ordered to reduce GHG emissions by 25% within five years. The only difference between the cases was that the Dutch court put the case under human rights and tort law, not under existing Dutch environmental laws.

Still confused where the connection comes into play?

The correlation becomes clear when you consider the following:

1. It is noted in the case OBERGEFELL ET AL. v. HODGES, DIRECTOR, OHIO DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, ET AL., courts initially (and for a length of time) were not just unfriendly to litigation efforts in support of same-sex marriage, but were flat-out dismissive. Additionally, there has also been a gradual increase of litigation over time.

2. There has been a change over time in the scientific understanding of the issues. While same-sex marriage has always been a moral issue for both sides, it would be wrong to ignore the role that an increasing understanding of the genetics of sexual preference has played in the debate. Similarly, the move towards an overwhelming weight of evidence, not just that climate change is occurring, but that it is anthropogenic, has obviously been important to the climate change debate.

3. Both issues have a moral side to their debate.

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