Finding the Best Doctor for Your Injury

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Your health is important. That is why after you have been injured in any type of personal injury accident – a slip and fall, an auto or bus accident, or even at the hands of a medical professional – one of the first steps you should take is to seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. This accomplishes a number of important goals:

  • By seeking immediate medical care, you are making it easier to connect your injuries with the personal injury incident and eliminating the chance of the careless or negligent defendant claiming your injury occurred at some other time;

  • By seeking immediate treatment, you are “mitigating” the harm from your injuries by taking a reasonable step designed to keep your injuries from getting worse. This not only is good for your overall health and recovery, but it prevents your compensation award from being reduced on account of what may be considered an “unreasonable” reaction on your part; and

  • Seeking immediate medical treatment, even if you believe you were not injured or injured only slightly, can be important in detecting internal or other “hidden” injuries that do not yet show symptoms.

Oftentimes a serious personal injury will require more than a simple emergency room visit. Instead, you will need immediate care to stabilize your health and then further treatment from a specialist. But will any specialist do?

Why You Should Seek the Best Doctor Possible

In any profession, there are skilled and talented people and there are those who do not operate at that same level. You do not want a mediocre mechanic working on your car, nor do you want an average or below-average attorney representing you in your accident case in Las Vegas. So why should you settle for less-than-excellent health care from your doctor? Your health and your quality of life are at stake, and these deserve the best treatment possible.

Doctors become better the more times they treat a certain condition. In addition, the more times a doctor treats a condition, the more comfortable he or she becomes with the necessary procedures and the less chance there is that the doctor will make a medical mistake.

How to Find the Best Doctor

Finding the best doctor can be a bit of a challenge, however. Many injury victims accept substandard medical care simply because they do not know how to look for the best doctor or medical provider. US News gives the following suggestions:

  • First, determine the general type of doctor you are looking for based on the injury from which you are suffering. Do you have a heart problem? A cardiologist would be a good selection. Do you have internal injuries? An internist might be helpful. This website has a list of specialists and what conditions they treat.

  • Decide what type of doctor you are looking for in terms of personality traits and experience.  If you expect to have a long-term relationship with your doctor, his or her bedside manner and personality become more important than they would be if you are needing treatment for a specific condition.

  • You should be able to use Google, your telephone book, or other databases at this point to get the names and contact information of several doctors in your area meeting your search criteria. If you are seeking a primary care physician, you should take advantage of lists like US News Top Doctors or other similar rankings where doctors are evaluated by their peers. Combine this information with information about any disciplinary proceedings and/or board certifications (information that can be obtained online or through requests to the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners) to determine who is best suited for your situation. You may wish to consider at what hospitals a primary care physician has admitting privileges. If you foresee yourself needing continuing treatment for a long-term knee injury, you may wish to choose a primary care physician who has admitting privileges at a hospital known for its treatment of joint disorders.

  • For specialists, board certification is the best measure of competency. It is usually best to avoid being treated by a specialist who does not have current board certification. This can be checked here.

Can My Personal Injury Attorney Help?

You are in charge of your healthcare decisions and you are ultimately responsible for your health. At Ladah Law Firm, we have seen individuals injured in a variety of ways and suffering from a variety of ailments and conditions as a result. While we can provide you with some general guidance (i.e., by telling you your heart condition may need to be evaluated by a cardiologist), we are more concerned with helping you get monetary compensation for your injuries. Contact us at (702) 252-0055 to learn how we can help you after a personal injury incident.

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