Jaywalking & Pedestrian Injury

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Portland provides pedestrians with a whole network of trails and walkways to enjoy year round. Many of us enjoy walking through our city neighborhoods and parks, and we reap the many benefits walking provides. As a whole, Portland has come a long way in promoting pedestrian safety; the rest is up to us. Pedestrian crosswalk laws are designed to increase safety by giving pedestrians the right of way when crossing intersections, but these laws only work if we obey them. Jaywalking results in increased likelihood of injuries due to pedestrian accidents. Disregarding crosswalk laws not only endangers your health and wellbeing - it can also affect your ability to recover damages in the event you are injured.

Penalties for Jaywalkers

Jaywalking is defined as having a disregard for the law by crossing the street in undesignated areas. The state of Oregon has gone to great lengths in enacting crosswalk laws for the benefit of pedestrians. Disregarding these laws by crossing against traffic lights, stepping out in front of vehicles, or failing to use designated walkways can result in serious, potentially fatal injuries. As an additional step in protecting the interest of all walkers, Oregon statutes include penalties for jaywalkers and those who don’t follow the law. Traffic violations involving pedestrians include:

  • Failure to yield to traffic control device;

  • Failure to yield to vehicle;

  • Failure to use pedestrian tunnel or overhead crossing;

  • Improper position upon or improper proceeding along highway; and

  • Failure to yield to bridge or railroad signal.

The above violations are listed as Class D violations and result in heavy fines. Save yourself the money - and protect yourself - by following pedestrian safety and crosswalk laws.

Compensation for Injuries Caused By Jaywalking

Disregarding crosswalk laws by jaywalking increases your chances of getting seriously injured, while decreasing your odds of getting full compensation for your injuries. Oregon follows the legal theory of comparative negligence, and under State Statute 31.600, while the fact that your actions contributed to your injury doesn’t legally bar you from recovery or receiving compensation for damages, it can reduce the total amount of compensation you receive. Under this legal theory, if you are a pedestrian who was hit by a driver, if your actions were more than 50% to blame for the accident the driver may not be liable for your injuries.

If you or someone you know has suffered a pedestrian injury due to jaywalking, contact an experienced jaywalking attorney right away. The Johnston Law Firm, LLC is a personal injury law firm who understands the nuances behind different legal theories, and may be able to help you receive compensation for your injuries even if you were partly at fault for the accident. Let a lawyer review your case.

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