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It’s Monday. You are probably already feeling that “Monday dread”; that “I wish the weekend could be three days instead of two” feeling.

You know what will make it even better? - Opening your Outlook email.

I am totally kidding when I say this, as I know some of us cringe at the thought of opening our emails after a weekend because of the avalanche of new ones we are about to receive. Any feeling of productiveness we may have felt Friday is now vaporized and our tranquility is replaced with frustration as rows upon rows of emails file in.

To some this may have you feeling hopeless , but don’t worry I can help you win this brawl between you and your inbox thanks to Lawyerist. Here are some actions they advise you to take in order to tame your inbox.

Move Routine Emails Out of the Way with Rules

The first line of defense from an overbearing inbox is to create and implement rules to help sort out your mail. You can do this by finding the Rules action in the move section under the Home tab.

Once selected you will be prompted to either create a rule or manage any existing rules or alerts. With this, you can request an email be sent directly to a different folder among other actions.

One-Click Email Handling with QuickSteps

The next thing one can do is address an email with only one click. (Yes, you read that correctly- one click) by utilizing the QuickSteps tool. You can find this tool under the Home tab as well.

This tool allows you to select number of emails and apply an action to it. For example if you selected 30 emails and decided to have them moved to a specific folder, it’ll apply the requested task to every selected email.

Redirecting Replies to Your Assistant (or Anyone Else)

Finally, the last thing you can do is simple- just redirect replies to your assistant. You can do this before hitting send to send your email. Go to the Options tab from within the email and select Direct Replies To. Then under Delivery Options, go to the line that says Have replies sent to.

Check the box and enter the email of the person you want replies redirected to.

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Posted on : 28 Jul 2015 8:08 AM

Great tips Chad! Thanks for sharing the same!

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Thanks, great tips for inbox management!

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