Finding your social audience: A blunt but simple trick - "just help people"

Posted on 07-24-2015 by
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Are you looking to find your social audience? You want a piece of advice on how to find it? Ready? Here it is- just help people.

According to Medium, it is as simple as doing just that. They advise that instead of focusing on finding your audience, focus on helping others. An example could be teaching others something during any given time.

This idea changes your mindset from being self-focused to others-focused. They explain that it’s when you take your focus off of the task is when your task can be accomplished.

“When you focus on the needs of others, “finding your niche” actually takes care of itself.”

What are your thoughts on the this piece of advice? What other advice would you give to people looking for their social audience?


Posted on : 29 Jul 2015 9:39 AM

It's true, because unless  you are not well-versed with a certain subject, you may not give any advice or suggestion to others. Other than that, sharing information you have also can help to get a set of followers!

Jill Szynski-Serino
Jill Szynski-Serino
Posted on : 29 Jul 2015 2:23 PM

I agree with this concept and part of being a good librarian is the willingness to help someone when they need it.  So many times people think they are bothering me when they ask a question but this is when a librarian can show their intelligence and value to a firm.  Librarianship is service orientated and if people know they can come to you, they will.  

Tracie Morris
Tracie Morris
Posted on : 30 Jul 2015 4:10 PM

Thanks for your comment, Jill. It's great to have the perspective of a law librarian. Digital mediums like social media allow legal professionals like yourself to amplify your expertise. We have so many different ways to seek and consume information today, but the value of the information is ultimately what makes the difference.

Posted on : 31 Jul 2015 6:51 AM

Very well said Tracie!

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