Summer Plans: Are you able to take a REAL vacation this summer without feeling guilty? Find out what your colleagues are saying.

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Remember those days when you’d sit in your chair and count down the last seconds of the school year before summer vacation? Yea…those were the days. Now there is no such thing as “summer break” and the majority of us are forced to plan trips around our respective jobs. This is especially the case for those professionals who work in the legal industry.

In fact, according to Salary Explorer, individuals in the legal industry receive between 17-21 vacation days each year, but most are unable to truly take a break away. We asked members of the LexTalk community to share with us some of their summer plans. Here is some of their responses:

Visiting Family (But does that qualify as a vacation?)

“I am going to visit my sister for a week in Portland, OR, but I will still be working as needed. Not sure that really qualifies as a vacation.”

“Off to visit husband's family in Germany for a few weeks. Will leave our teens with their Oma for a few days and husband and I will sneak off to Majorca and enjoy some sun/surf. Having family in Europe is a wonderful reason to get to go every year!”


Long Weekends over Week-Long Breaks

“With several trials scheduled to go this summer and uncertainty whether any will settle, what pretrial motions or responses may be necessary, etc., I am unable to plan for anything elaborate. I have scheduled a long weekend a short drive from home but may change those plans if needed.”

“I'll be getting away for a week next month with my kids. Other than that, it is long weekends here and there. I also have the flexibility to work from home, so I can arrange long weekends on semi-regular basis.”

“Just staying local mostly and a few weekends to the beach and the mountains. Happy to relax at home!”

“Summer is typically when I cover for other attorneys who are out, and I am usually out in the early fall (as I do not have kids). So summers for me usually consist of short weekend trips (assuming I can even make those!).”


Don’t Have The Time

“Like several others noted, the summer is too busy for me. I try to take vacations in other times of the year, if at all possible.”


“No time for a vacation this summer. I actually will cover when others are out. I do plan to go to Rome and Barcelona later this year. It my mind the best things come to those who wait...”

“Alas, no time off for the summer...”

Most of the activities mentioned seem like nothing out of the ordinary compared to those who work in other industries. Part of this may be attributed to the small number of days they are rewarded off compared to professions.

Here are the 10 professions that allow the most vacation days.

1. Teaching/ Education – 34 days

2. Government & Defense – 25 days

3. Care Giving & Child Care- 25 days

4. Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense- 24 days

5. Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining-24 days

6. Law Enforcement/Security/Fire- 24 days

7. Banking- 23 days

8. Bilingual-23 days

9. Health & Medical – 23 days

10. Telecommunication – 23 days

 How are you spending your summer this year? Or, what do you think of the average number of days different professions are given?

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Jill Szynski-Serino
Jill Szynski-Serino
Posted on : 16 Jul 2015 4:54 PM

I never feel bad about taking a vacation.  The workplace gives you those days for a reason and they should be used.  It's important to see and do new things because it helps you come up with new perspectives, ideas and a whole new attitude.  If you don't take them, its easy to burn out and be less productive.  Even a long weekend makes a difference.  

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