“Follow Us”: We’re Gonna Ask, but 1st, We’ll Give You a Few Good "Knowledge" Reasons

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 We’re pulling back our social media curtain to show you the wizard. And at the end of it all, we’ll shamelessly ask for your follow. But it won’t be “Follow Us” … dead end, white space, black hole. Not “Follow Us” just because. You deserve more than that.

But first, let’s pull back the curtain.

Our Humble Beginnings

Legal professionals aren’t one-dimensional, but six years ago, that was sort of our thinking. Back then, we were social media newbies. Our first baby steps were in 2009, year of our Twitter birth. Our first tweet:

And like babies, we spit-up on ourselves. How? We imagined legal professionals as legal news junkies. We shared a bunch of this stuff:

A landslide of legal news and not much more.

Our “Ah-ha!” Moment: You’re So Much More Than the Law

Eventually, our thinking took a 180. A cold dose of reality opened our eyes. Legal professionals are more than just lovers of the law. The law-part is only a fraction of your character. Equally (if not more) important, legal professionals are parents, spouses, business owners, marketers, writers, etc. So we transformed our content.

We still focus on the law. But now, our content's more value-add and less newsy. Our value-add content is intended to make you better legal professionals and also better business owners, better communicators, better leaders and more. We’ve had hits and misses, but with every social media post, your “likes” have become clearer.

Legal Professionals Like …?

So what do legal professionals like? Here’s a rundown of our top social media words from the last six months:

  • Fonts                                    
  • Word                                    
  • Resume                                              
  • Movies                                
  • Law Student                                      
  • Law School                                        
  • Writing

Want specifics? Our readership peaked with these specific social posts: 

#1 Writing Knowledge

No doubt, legal professionals love “words,” “fonts” and “writing.” To satisfy your writing zeal, we zero in on writing content (hashtag #writinglegally) every Wednesday, with some “resume” writing content thrown in.

Here’s the top four writing posts from recent months:

#2 Movie Knowledge

You love movies. You’re a crowd of cinephiles, at least when it comes to the law. Our followers devoured:

#3 Social Media Knowledge

While not a top word, “social media” is critical to the legal profession. More and more, social media impacts the law, ethics and professionalism. To better educate you, our Fridays are devoted to social media + the law (hashtag #sociallawyering).

Your favorite social media posts for 2015:

Our Shameless Ask

As we said, you’re so much more than the law. You’re also:




Business Owners

You’re multi-dimensional, and this truth buttresses our social media philosophy. Another truth we follow: better to give than to receive. Value-add content is our linchpin; everything else is secondary.

Now, on to our ask:

We’re building better professionals, better writers, shaping social media experts … so will you “Follow Us” on Twitter and/or LinkedIn?

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