How and Why to Apply for Social Security Disability After an Accident
Posted on 07-16-2015 by Ramzy Ladah

Many types of accidents can cause injuries that result in temporary or permanent disabilities that prevent you from working for a period of time. Fortunately, Social Security Disability benefits are available for qualifying individuals to help provide... Read More

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Expansion of Social Media Workplace Privacy Law? One State Is Preparing For It
Posted on 07-16-2015 by Tracie Morris

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Rawpixel No court case’s handlings is ever perfect as new questions always arise and EEOC v. Abercrombie no exception. According to LexisNexis Legal Newsroom , here are 2 questions that were left unanswered by SCOTUS... Read More

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Summer Plans: Are you able to take a REAL vacation this summer without feeling guilty? Find out what your colleagues are saying.
Posted on 07-16-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

Remember those days when you’d sit in your chair and count down the last seconds of the school year before summer vacation? Yea…those were the days. Now there is no such thing as “summer break” and the majority of us are forced... Read More

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The story of the run-on sentence: When to use a comma. The #1 most common grammatical error #writinglegally
Posted on 07-15-2015 by Christina Alge

For anyone who hasn’t been following my posts, during the last few weeks I have listed out the 5 most common grammatical errors. My goal for these posts was simple – identify some of the most common grammatical errors to help improve writing... Read More

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Manipulating the Breath Test Results
Posted on 07-15-2015 by MichaelKraut

There are numerous myths surrounding DUIs , several of which are completely false and have no basis in fact. Many of these “DUI myths” involve the breath test and possible ways of manipulating breath test results. When a person is stopped... Read More

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Grammar gaffes at the office: A growing epidemic? #writinglegally
Posted on 07-15-2015 by Chad Troyan

How good would you say you are at grammar? Regardless of how good we consider ourselves to be at grammar, we all make mistakes. While we all are entitled to make some mistakes, the Wall Street Journal revealed a trend with grammar that many see as negative... Read More

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Practice Management System
Posted on 07-15-2015 by mariakante

Is anyone else using Clio for practice management? I've been on the platform for about a year now. Any functions you use daily that you love? Read More

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Pain Pills – Dr. David B. Adams: Atlanta Psychologist
Posted on 07-15-2015 by Dr. David B. Adams

Pain Pills – Dr. David B. Adams: Atlanta Psychologist The number of Americans who regularly use prescription pain pills such as oxycodone for nonmedical reasons has shot up since 2002. Read More

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The ‘Remarkably Conversational’ Style of Elena Kagan #WritingLegally
Posted on 07-15-2015 by Tracie Morris

Would you enjoy reading a more conversational legal argument or a bone-dry legal argument? I personally wouldn’t mind reading a more conversational. For all you who would agree, you should trying reading legal arguments by Elena Kagan, according... Read More

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Your overbroad social media policy could expose you to a NLRA violation
Posted on 07-14-2015 by Tracie Morris

In a recent article by Social Media & Employment Law , an advice memorandum on an employer’s Social Media Policy was recently published by the NLRB’s Office of General Counsel. The memorandum focused on KMOV-TV and a specific section of... Read More

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Pot and the Banks: How banks are serving as the “front-line” for law enforcement
Posted on 07-14-2015 by Ted Zwayer

Recreational marijuana is now legal in four states and DC, with medical marijuana legal in 19 more. These have been profitable ventures. Overall, according to a report by The ArcView Group, a cannabis industry research and investment firm in San Francisco... Read More

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Tuesday Tips: The research tasks you do the most on Lexis Advance – Search a specific source
Posted on 07-14-2015 by Sarah Patrick

Many of your favorite research tasks— those tasks you rely on to get you to information you need—can be completed at Lexis Advance® in a couple of steps. Try them out. Get comfortable. They’re so simple you’ll memorize them... Read More

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Register now for these upcoming Lexis Advance® webinars
Posted on 07-13-2015 by Tami Hubbard

If you are interested in the new Lexis Advance® features, join us for these upcoming webinars this week. Plus, in addition to receiving valuable insight about the product, you will also receive a $5 gourmet coffee gift card for each one you attend... Read More

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Startup marketing for your law firm: Your 4 step plan
Posted on 07-13-2015 by Ted Zwayer

Looking for your practice to rake in more money? A huge key to your practice’s success is how you market it and bring in new clients. So how do you best market you firm? Well, first you have to have a plan. According to Agile Attorney here are 4... Read More

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DUI in an Electric Wheelchair
Posted on 07-13-2015 by MichaelKraut

Recently a disabled man in Ohio was stopped by police after he was observed swerving in the road while in his motorized wheelchair. This man was charged with a misdemeanor for operating a vehicle while under the influence, Ohio’s version of California’s... Read More

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Your Resume Need A Makeover? 6 Tips to Modernize It
Posted on 07-13-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

As with anything else, the structure of one’s resume has changed with the times. How do you know if your resume fits under the “modern” resume? Check out these 6 tips thanks to Glassdoor : 1. Use keywords Many companies use applicant... Read More

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Self Medication – Dr. David B. Adams: Atlanta Psychologist
Posted on 07-13-2015 by Dr. David B. Adams

Self Medication – Dr. David B. Adams: Atlanta Psychologist important to determine to what degree a patient engages in self medication and complicates his/her own recovery process. Pain management. Read More

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Key moments in Social Media Law over the last 4 decades [infographic]
Posted on 07-10-2015 by Tracie Morris

The growth of social media in society has given birth to a new area of law over the last 40 years. This area law has had its’ own share of accomplishments. Check out its’ key moments in this infographic by MoFo : Feel free to share... Read More

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Only In Los Angeles: Failed Wedding of Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Gives Life to New California Law
Posted on 07-10-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

Ah… Kim Kardashian. She is the “bad penny” that just won’t go away. And, her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries has given life to a law. According to Entertainment Tonight , even though their marriage didn’t last long, it... Read More

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Important Resources to Be Aware of After an Injury and How to Find and Use Them
Posted on 07-09-2015 by Ramzy Ladah

If you suffer a serious injury in an accident caused by another party, you may not know where to turn to learn your legal rights or how to proceed in pursuing a claim. The following are some examples of helpful resources for injured victims. Accident... Read More

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