Legal Profession: Should position demand greater level of integrity?

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Lawyers, journalists, doctors, police officers- all of these positions hold a powerful position within our society. While the idea of having authority or such power sounds appealing to most, with power comes responsibility. The power they hold can affect countless peoples’ lives. People who do not hold these positions, however, trust the people in those positions will not to abuse their power. This prompts me to ask:

Should positions such as lawyers demand expectations of greater integrity?

Personally, I believe that anyone in any of these positions requires integrity. When it comes to people who work with the law (police officers, lawyers, etc.), they can determine a person’s livelihood. So often do movies have a “crooked cop” in a movie and the scary thing is that they exist in real life. There are people out there that do not contain the proper ethical standards or high level of integrity. That is why there are lawyers; to defend people who believe their rights have been violated. For example, if a person is facing possible jail time, it is up to a lawyer to make sure that justice was served properly. The case a lawyer builds for their client will determine whether the person will go to jail or not. In these types of situations, one should be able to rest nicely knowing that at least the lawyer representing them is an honest man.

It comes down to one word: ethics.

Do these people have the correct ethical standards in order to hold such a position?

Do they know right from wrong?

Are they trustworthy?

Like lawyers, people expect the same integrity and ethical standards out of journalists. These people control the flow of information. They control what gets out; how it gets out; they control each detail of a story. That too, holds great power. Their story has the power to break people up; get someone fired from a job or even worse.

These people in these roles above should be demanded the same professionalism and integrity that we demand from our professional athletes, if not more. If we demand them to have great levels of integrity so that they can serve as role models to the younger generation, then the same should go for those who hold power roles such as lawyers, police officers and journalists.

So what do you think? Should one’s position in the legal profession required to have a greater level of integrity?

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