Etiquette rules for the social law firm: 9 ways to be courteous #sociallawyering

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Growing up, many of us were probably taught some sort of dining etiquette. Nowadays there is etiquette for almost everything, including social media. According to Hootsuite, here are 9 social media rules for social law firms.

1. Always keep your target audience in mind

Be aware of what kind of content is most engaging for your social media audience. Deliver the kind of content you discuss in your profile. Do this in a respectable rate so that your followers don’t feel like they are being spammed.


2. Avoid automatic messaging

Avoid using automatic messages as customers, more often than not, will view these type of messages as spam. In fact, if enough report your activities as spam it can lead to your brand’s account being suspended.


3. Respond to comments, fast

Communication on social media is meant to give users real-time responses to their messages. Make sure someone on your team is responsible for monitoring social channels for interactions, and engaging with users who reach out. Never let negative feedback go unaddressed as this could lead to loss of customers and possible bad PR.


4.  Don’t badmouth your competition

Following your competition on social media can help you gain insight on them, but it is not anything that should be abused. Being nice on social media with competitors can help create professional working relationships with others in the same field along with your competitors’ audience members. If they talk bad, don’t badmouth them, but address it as if you were to address a negative comment.


5.  Maximize the shareability of your social messaging

You can increase the shareability of your content by sticking to the word count, adding images and videos, and using appropriate hashtags and geo-tags. When composing a Tweet, try to keep your message length under 100 characters so users can add RTs, or personalize the retweet with their own comment.


6.  Tame your hashtags

Use your hastags sparingly. Use hastags that will allow you larger target audience. To increase exposure , you can also try geo-tagging your posts.


7. Keep your brand accounts professional, and your personal accounts separate

Keep your professional and personal accounts separate. This can be achieved by taking neutral stances on controversial issues unless it pertains to your industry.


8. Don’t spam your followers’ feeds

This comes down to rate of posts. You want to engage with your followers without spamming their feeds. Try to disperse messages across all your social platforms so there is not one platform that ends up being neglected.


9. Don’t follow for numbers

There are many accounts out there that are fake accounts. Because of this, you should not use number of followers as your first key performance indicator of your social media success. Follow accounts such as professionals in the field, those that produce quality and relevant content that you would repost.

What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions? If so, let us know in the comment box below.

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Being on Social Media is not enough. Being active is a compulsion and posting activities to keep clients involved is a bigger task. Don't be boring and try to sell your products on your social media.

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