“Touch base,” “lean in;” How zeroing in on buzzwords/jargon can jump-start your job

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Ever read a document full or workplace jargon or buzzwords and felt lost? If so, do not worry as you are probably not the only one who has felt his way. Instead of just sitting there at your computer trying to read around the jargon, try learning what it means because according to Fast Company, it could help you get a jumpstart in your workplace.

In the article they point out the existence of office speak came about because “leaders felt a change in thinking was required.

In the post-industrial age, workers were now seen as individuals who performed their work better when they felt valued. The way to create an emotional connection between employees and the company was through words and phrases that empowered the employee.

While jargon can help people coordinate work, the use (and understanding) of it signifies a greater stance- whether or not you are part of the “in club”. Those who are able to both use and understand the jargon are seen as “part of the team”. Emma Green, author of an article “The Origins of Speak” illustrates it below:

“Case in point: When I was asked once in an interview whether SEO optimization was "in my wheelhouse" and replied "what do you mean?" I knew I’d been passed over for the job. I knew what SEO optimization was, but the word "wheelhouse" wasn’t part of my vocabulary. I was "out of the loop" and therefore out of the job.”

Green further explains how important office jargon can be in your work life.

"Everyone makes fun of it, but managers love it, companies depend on it, and regular people willingly absorb it …In a workplace that’s fundamentally indifferent to your life and its meaning, office speak can help you figure out how you relate to your work—and how your work defines who you are."

What do you think? What are your thoughts on work jargon? Let us know your thoughts below.

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