20 botched words that'll weaken your legal briefs#WritingLegally

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We can easily misunderstand a message with a misuse of one word. Some instances are harder to identify than others, but thanks to Time here are 20 botched words that will weaken your legal briefs:

1. Anticipate

Anticipate means to look ahead and prepare. Instead, if you’re estimating or wishful guessing, use estimate or expect.

2. Arbitrate

To arbitrate is different from mediate. Arbitrate is to reach an authoritative judgment or settlement while mediate means to help reach a compromise or settlement.

3. Behalf

The words that make the difference are the ones that precede behalf. If on comes before, it indicates a more formal or professional relationship. However, if in comes before, it indicates a less formal relationship.

4. Bottleneck

A bottleneck is a point limitation or constraint. This means a bottleneck cannot grow.

5. Can

The word can is used to indicate what is possible while the word may is used to indicate what is permissible.

6. Collusion

While collusion implies cooperation, it is meant toward something that is deceitful or illegal. You may not want to use this word in reference to yourself.

7. Defective

The word defective should be used when talking about inanimate objects. When talking about animate objects use deficient.

8. Germane

Germane is the same as relevant, however it is not the same as a material point. The difference is that germane is not essential to a conversation while material is essential to a conversation.

9. Invariably

This word means ‘in every case or occasion’, so unless that is the case, use words such as frequently or usually.

10. Irregardless

Irregardless has the same exact meaning as regardless. Adding the pre-fix “ir” to regardless makes it mean regard.

To find other botched words that will weaken your legal brief read the entire article here.

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