Preventing Burnout: A how-to guide when you are on the edge

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It’s natural to feel burnout sometimes. With all the stresses that come with each of our everyday lives, I’d be shocked if one hasn’t felt burned-out before.

So how can one tell if they are heading down the road to a burnout? Here are 13 signs of a potential burnout according to Forbes:

1. High levels of stress or anxiety
Feeling frequently on edge, with adrenaline constantly coursing through your body.

2. Lack of engagement
You don’t feel motivated at work. You have difficulty focusing or exhibit a short attention span.

3. Increased cynicism
Feelings of resentment or disconnection. You may notice yourself being more negative. You also seem to be cranky and defensive or snapping at people easily. If you’re feeling a lot of resentment towards others, it is probably because you’re not getting your needs met .

4. Distracted eating
You eat your meals in front of a computer, television or while on the go (in the car, standing up, etc.)

5. Not getting enough sleep
The suggested minimum amount of sleep is seven to eight hours each night, if you’re getting less than this, you risk burning out.

6. Low energy and exhaustion
You’re not just sleepy tired, but emotionally fatigued. You may feel exhausted by the end of the day and have no energy left to exercise or engage with others. You just want to crash and watch television.

7. Never enough time
You feel like you are always in a hurry and never have enough time for all the things you’re trying to accomplish.

8. Excessive worrying, high level of self-criticism
Your mind cycles through the same worry filled thoughts again and again and you can’t seem to stop. The critical voice in your head is very loud, telling you constantly to do more, work harder, and no matter what you accomplish, you’re still not doing enough. There is no self-compassionate voice to balance out the critical voice, or if there is, it is very weak and you can barely hear it.

9. Physical illness
You might experience headaches, a persistent cold, have an upset stomach frequently, or a weak immune system in general. If you ignore early signs, your body may hit a wall and receive a more serious diagnosis.

10. Numb feelings
Increase in addictive behavior. Initially, this can show up as an excessive dependence on caffeine and/or sugar to stay alert and boost energy when feeling low. As things progress, an increased dependence on drugs, alcohol, eating comfort foods or watching more television than usual can be signs you’re burning out and using these coping mechanisms to avoid acknowledging how you really feel.

11. Inefficacy
Experiencing diminished personal accomplishment, a perceived decline in competence or productivity, and expending energy at work without seeing any results.

12. No Breaks

-          Vacation. You can’t remember the last time you took a single day off just to relax and do nothing. Or perhaps you haven’t had a vacation in over six or even twelve months.

-          Recharge throughout the day. You may have a tendency to push through your work without taking a break. It’s one thing to be in the zone, but if you notice you’re not getting up to get a glass of water, stretch your legs, go on a walk or call a friend at least once every 90-120 minutes, you could be putting unnecessary stress on your body.

-          Weekly Rituals. You haven’t made time for a rejuvenating activity in the last week (massage or any pampering treatment, a bath, cooking or reading a book simply for pleasure, going on a hike, etc.).

13. Not enough exercise
You aren’t making as much time to exercise or move your body as you would like.

What are some ways you have dealt with the possible onset of burnout?


Posted on : 6 Jul 2015 12:35 PM

Taking a break may be the best way to kill burnout! Taking a vacation or spending time with family can help refresh and rejuvenate mentally!

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