Corporate Counsel Attorneys: It’s time to take the work out of transactional work

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New to using Lexis Practice Advisor for Corporate Counsel? Here is an over view of it:

When first opening up Lexis Practice Advisor for Corporate Counsel, you will see the screen above. You will see the following pods:

  • Topics (Blue): This will show list of practice areas that one can look for related documents
    TIP: Click the three arrows to expand the topics list

  • Updates in Corporate Counsel (Yellow): This will show any updated content as along with any new content.

  • Law 360 News (Pink): This will show a list of any relevant articles

  • Recently Browsed Documents (Orange): This will show documents you have recently looked at

  • Editor’s Picks (Green): This is where content leads highlight specific information for users

You can use the search bar to search for documents using Boolean or Natural Language. Once you click on a topic you will be taken to the Snapshot page (yellow below). This page will list out all the types of content available under the given subtopic.

Other content of importance through the sidebar include:

  • Practice Notes (Green): Will give users the who, what, why and how of the task you are interested in.

  • Cases (Blue): Will give users relevant cases. All research is done for you and ordered.
    ** Jump To feature allows users to jump to a specific location in case, allowing easy navigation.**

  • Emerging Issues (Pink): Articles written by expert attorneys as well as legal memos and articles from Martindale are pulled together here.

  • Statutes & Legislation (Red): Allows users to look at statutes and other pieces of legislation.

  • Forms (Purple): Will offer users drafts of the following kind of forms:

- Expert Forms: Exclusive to Lexis Practice Advisor. Drafted by internal and external experts. Further enhanced with drafting notes.

- Lexis Forms: Forms pulled from other Lexis products that complement expert forms well.

- Official Forms: Where it is relevant, links to Secretary of State.

- Lexis Clauses: Clauses in addition to clauses in the form.

In expert forms users will be able to locate Drafting Notes by looking on the right-hand side for the sticky note icon (yellow below).

Users can also find Alternate Clauses by clicking the blue sticky note located right next to the drafting note icon. These will offer you another version of the selected clause. If you would like to use this alternate clause, just click “Add to Form” and click the “X” on the previous clause to delete original clause. Another option you have is to Add Your Own Clause, if you feel you can phrase a clause better. Users also have Fillable Fields available too.

Users also have the Draft Now feature. Clicking draft now will have it downloaded into Word.

When it comes to delivery options users have the same options.

Also, feel free to download the on-demand version of this webinar. Download now





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