Alternatives to Drinking and Driving

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If you are going out and plan on drinking, it is important that you also make plans for getting home safely. The only sure way to avoid getting arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol (OVI) is to not drive after you have been drinking. Further, with a plan in place, you can enjoy yourself without having to worry about driving home.


Designated Driver


One way to avoid drinking and driving is to have a designated driver that will remain sober in order to drive you home. This is particularly applicable if you are going out with several friends or family members. If a person in your group isn’t interested in drinking to begin with, the decision of who will be the designated driver is fairly simple.


If everyone you plan on going out with would like to drink, someone will have to be willing to forgo drinking for one night to be the designated driver. There are ways to make being the designated driver more appealing. For instance, if you are eating, the people receiving a ride from the designated driver can buy that person’s meal. Alternatively, if a meal is not involved, everyone getting a ride can pitch in some money for the designated driver. Of course, everyone should share the designated driver responsibilities to make things fair.


Use a Taxi or other Transportation Service


While the cost of a taxi may seem high to many people, it will likely be much less expensive than the cost associated with an OVI conviction. A first time conviction carries a minimum fine of $375, with a potential maximum fine of $1,075. Keep in mind also that there are other costs associated with an arrest for OVI, such as legal fees and increased insurance rates.


Taxis are usually easy to obtain if you are in a highly populated area. But, if you happen to be in an area that doesn’t have taxis readily available, you should be able to look up a taxi company with your phone or ask an employee of the establishment you are in for a local taxi service. An alternative to a taxi may be the new transportation services like Uber. These are usually less expensive than a cab.


Other Options


Many people hesitate to call a friend or family member to ask for a ride, especially if it is late at night. But, people that truly care for your well-being will be willing to come get you rather than have you risk getting arrested or causing an accident. Of course, they’ll probably expect a favor from you in the future, but that’s certainly much better than an OVI conviction.


You can also use public transportation if the area you are in has these services. While it may not bring you right to your door, it may get your close enough to walk. Alternatively, depending on where you live or where you are staying, it is possible you can just walk the entire way.


Avoid Drinking and Driving


Any of these options are better than getting arrested for suspicion of OVI. If you are going out to drink, it is important to do so responsibly by remembering to never drink and drive. 

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