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Because law school students are required to write a lot and may look for other avenues to get their writing out there, blogging is a great way to let your voice and opinion be heard. What better way to get your writing out there that than starting a blog?

Now you may say: “Ok. Great. I’ve decided to start a blog, but there is one problem: I don’t know how to start one.”

For those who are wondering, “How do I just start a blog from scratch?” Listen up.

First off, almost everyone can do it. The key to blogging is to find something you are passionate about because you view it less as a burden and more of a gift. All law students have passion and are the best representatives to start a blog because there are never too many voices or opinions to hear and consider.

Once you have a subject picked out (that you are passionate about), you should brainstorm any typical questions your niche may have. Make a list of these along with any common situations that clients face and come to you for help. These different angles or situations associated with it. The angles you find can become individual posts down the road.

Another thing to keep in mind is to give it your own voice. The blog posts you write will not be like writing papers you have written in the past where the voice tends to be stuffy and verbose. Instead, while you still want to act in a professional manner, you can loosen the leash a little and put a little attitude in your writing.

These are just some things to consider during the planning process, when you are building it, but before posting material. but are a little nervous about how to get started, we have a list of 5 best practices to help you start this new endeavor. These tips have been aggregated from sites such as Moz, Ring Central, Social Media B2B, Powered By Search and Strategic Communications, to help you boost your content confidence when you take to the blogosphere world.

1.  Post Content on consistent basis
“Consistent content is key to building a captive blog audience. Blog subscribers expect valuable content on a regular basis. If your posts are infrequent, readers will likely find a more consistent source of information.”- Ring Central

“Consistent publishing takes discipline and time. The first can be learned, but the second has to be found. One way to address time is to remain at least one post ahead. If you publish weekly, make sure next week’s post is written before you publish this week’s.” Social Media B2B

2. Be Timely

“Timing isn't actually everything, but it sure is an important part of the puzzle. It is especially important today, when we receive a constant flood of information from social channels.”Moz

3. Include Images
“While text is important, and often the focal point of a blog post, images play a crucial role as well. Images provide a quick preview of what to expect. The right image can easily summarize your post and breathe life into your text.”- Ring Central

4. Engage with readers
“You write compelling content that brings your audience back for more. They leave comments. They link to your blog from their blog or social networking sites. And you need to continue these conversations in the comments. Every real comment should get a real response.” – Social Media B2B

5. Share content
“Leveraging your blog and expanding it out to other social networks is a great way to take the next step.”Social Media B2B

For any legal bloggers out there, do you have anything to include to the above list?


Jennifer Groff
Jennifer Groff
Posted on : 7 Aug 2015 5:19 AM

I am glad that someone realizes that SEO isn’t the catch-all strategy for blog traffic. I’ll try out your ideas as soon as I have some more posts under my belt. This is very useful information. I’m gonna execute this idea right away. Thanks for this great post!

Posted on : 10 Aug 2015 7:37 AM

Great Tips Tracie. Blogging is not all about quantity. Quality is also of the essence. Writing useful content can gain the interest of relevant people!

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