Writing for your legal market: 5 tips on being audience specific #writinglegally

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How do you whittle down your audience in a career with so many divisions? Don’t know? Well lucky for you AttorneyAtWork has you covered. Here is a list of 5 tips on being audience specific:

1. Biodome

“At least in the solo and small firm world, attorney bios are coming back up for air...Rather than writing an expository piece about your undeniable greatness, focus on answering the questions about you that potential clients may have.”

2. Nichelin Man
“Niche marketing does not necessarily mean that you have to whittle your practice areas down to the nub…If you write and speak frequently in the areas in which you practice, pinpointing your services can become a subconscious habit, which will define where interest lies in your work — at a baseline, among those whose needs align with the basic solutions that you provide.”

3. Imagine All The People

“Can you construct a series of traits that add up to what you envision your ideal client being like? If you can, write to that amalgam — you’ll be more likely to see some high percentage of him strolling through your door, retainer in hand. Your law firm marketing should be a public love letter to your best potential client. Do the same thing for your perfect referral source.”

4. I’ll take “Potpourri” for $600, Alex

“Think about the first questions your clients have about your services, ask those questions yourself, and then answer them.”

5. Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto
“Write your marketing pieces like you’re drafting an email to a friend, and not a colleague. Use plain, direct language, leaving aside flourish and Germanic words with equally reckless abandon. Draft for short attention spans — if not small brains — especially when you’re writing for the Internet.”

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