Self-Managed Teams : The Future of Business?

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What does the future hold for businesses? How will they be run in the coming years? According to an article by INC, a self-managed team approach looks to be where the future lays. Here are 5 reasons why self-managed teams are the future of businesses:

They Are Already A Proven Success

Self-managed teams are time-tested, proven and here to stay, and a tidal wave of companies are moving in that direction, because the data on why you should do it is irrefutable.

It’s Not The Team, It’s Ownership

The magic isn't in the concept, but in the principle behind it--ownership stemming from the power to make decisions. When people are encouraged to bring the whole, creative, messy person to work, and make important decisions, they take ownership in ways they never would before.

Responsibility, Not Tasks

The Industrial Age manager takes the responsibility to make the decisions, and then doles out tasks for the team to complete. But the Participation Age company delegates responsibility to the team, for them to make those decisions. When you assign tasks people feel used, but when you delegate decision-making responsibility, people take ownership.

More Of Everything

Many companies have benefited for decades from giving people back their brains. These companies grow faster, are more productive and more profitable, have lower turnover, and have increased longevity.

It’s Simple, Just Not Easy

A century of "bosses" have taught people they are not quite as smart and motivated as managers. You have to reverse that notion, and it will take time for people to trust you really are doing it. Here's how:

1) Form a team around an objective (i.e. 4-12 people)

2) have them FIRST clearly define the desired result,

3) then the process(es) needed to get that result.

4) Then THEY set metrics for steps in the process and

5) for pay based on the result desired (quality, quantity, speed, etc.,)

6) finally THEY decide what happens if the metrics aren't met and how to move team members along if they are not contributing appropriately.

7) Leadership approves.

8) Run it.


Safeguarding Your Future

In the Participation Age, people don't want jobs that just pay the bills, they want work that allows them to be fully human, make decisions and own their stuff.


Posted on : 26 Feb 2015 8:33 AM

Self managed teams are definitely the future of business and a such resources are hard to find. Once you have them on your boat, success will kiss your toes!

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