What can Hollywood teach Government? 5 Lessons

Posted on 02-23-2015 by
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What does Hollywood and our Government have in common? On the base level, nothing, however, there are some lessons Hollywood can teach the Government. According to NextGov, here are 5 lessons the Government should take from Hollywood:

1.Production Values Drive Attention

With the technology today, many have come to expect high-quality production values, with hi-res footage, multiple camera angles, quality sound etc. Government videos need to be “as cool” as what people see on television. A lesson that can be taken away from this is that production values DO matter; they not only drive attention but hold it as well.

2. Today’s Audiences are Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace

Today, 2.4 billion devices are able to connect to view video. Federal organizations need to realize that audiences want to be able to consume video not only on televisions, but on smartphones, tablets and laptops. Agencies need to be able to support all the different formats of broadcast, mobile and Web to meet the demands of anywhere, anytime, anyplace audiences.

3. Your Archive Plays a Starring Role in Video Production

Content creators are increasingly mixing video captured this week with clips created weeks, months or even years ago. Creative teams need video infrastructure that enables the three “R’s”: reuse, repurpose and recycle. In order to produce this kind of content you need a shared archive, more specifically, an archive where you can find (and quickly access) video you are looking for.

4. Good Video Storage Does More Than Store

It’s not just storing bits of video that defines good video storage, but how effective it is at reliably and consistently delivering access to content. All storage systems can store bits. But fewer can deliver access to streaming video reliably.

5. Infrastructure Matters
Infrastructure matters. Professionals need the right infrastructure to allow them to tell the story with their videos. Video storage needs to be capable of supporting intense video post-production processes

So what do you think? Do you have any suggestions that weren't mentioned above?

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