Award for Bizarre Reason for an Arrest: Doing One's Own Job

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“And the award for ‘Most Bizarre Reason for an Arrest’ goes to … Jami Tillotson!”

Out of all the countless reasons one could get arrested for, this reason was nowhere near being on my radar.

So what was the reason for her arrest: doing her job.

When I came across this story I felt I was watching one of those “World’s Dumbest” television shows on True TV. One could only hope that it was a fake story after reading the headline:

“Lawyer Arrested for Doing Her Job.”

That, unfortunately, was not the case. According to AboveTheLaw, a veteran Assistant Public Defender in San Francisco, Jami Tillotson, was arrested after “resisting arrest.”

How did this all start?

Tillotson was actually in the courtroom when she learned another one of her clients was being questioned by plain-clothed police officers out in the hallway. She intervened, pointing out that the police can’t go around asking a guy, which they already knew was being represented without his lawyer’s presence, questions. They threatened to arrest her for resisting arrest and she responded with a simple “please do.” (See video below)

(Please visit the site to view this video)

The moral I get out of this story:

If we do our job, we are at risk of being arrested because doing our job is illegal.

Based off of this situation her arrest makes perfect sense right? (Don’t worry if you say no- you’re not alone.)

If you want us to be productive, you may not want to be selling this idea to the public because that would discourage us.

The story gets even more absurd as Public Defender Jeff Adachi said Tillotson was handcuffed to a holding cell wall for approximately an hour after being led away.

So let me get this straight and clarify this situation. She was not only arrested for doing her job, but was handcuffed to a cell wall for an hour.


According to CBS San Francisco, the officer seen in the video provoking Tillotson, Sergeant Inspector Brian Stansbury, is one of three San Francisco police officers who are the subject of a racial profiling lawsuit by a fellow officer who was off-duty at the time he was stopped and arrested.

Officer Albie Esparza, a San Francisco Police spokesman, said Tillotson was detained for “obstructing officers” and said the incident was an “active criminal investigation.”

What do you think? Based off the video, do you think Tillotson should have been detained? What are your thoughts on the situation? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.





Posted on : 2 Mar 2015 12:37 PM

This just doesn't make sense. The lady was talking nicely, didn't used abusive language either then how did she got arrested? I just cant say anything because anything could have happened before this video!

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