Artificial intelligence might be a threat to humans but not for the reasons you think

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Have you ever been told that you are “too smart for your own good”? The way technology has been advancing over the years they may soon be too smart for their own good and as a result post a threat to humans. This is the potential case according to the Guardian.

Today’s technological has allowed us to accomplish feats such as creating a computer system such as the new IBM’s Watson. The new Artificial Intelligence contains software that “learns” to get better, “understands” human speech, and “navigates” from one place to another.

The article points out that A.I. contains “numerous slivers of smart behaviour, a digital ecosystem populated with adaptive systems narrowly crafted to a particular niche.”

While that may sound cool to some, it raises concern to others. As a founding father of technology once said “there are lots of ways being smart that aren’t smart like us.”

That is where it’s murky and causes some concern. The article illustrates a way of being smart that can be found in computer drones that can cause problems.

“Of hunter kill drones that just do one thing very well – take out human targets. Done at scale this becomes an existential risk.”

While this sounds like a legitimate threat, it isn’t the A.I. that we should fear the most, but ourselves.

Why us?

We are our biggest threat because we are attracted to the daring designs for A.I.

Finally, reminded the purpose behind Artificial Intelligence.

“For those of us working in AI it is a technology that is intended to augment us not replace us, it is a discipline that aims to help us understand our own natures.”

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