42 Resume Dos and Don'ts Every Job Seeker Should Know

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Applying for jobs causes job-seekers to develop a cycle: fill out application; attach resume, mail it out, repeat. Sometimes we get in such a routine that we do things that may hurt our chances of landing a job. Like anything else, there are “do’s” and “don’t’s” to job seeking, especially when it comes to your resume. So I bet you are wondering what you should and shouldn’t do. Well The Muse gives you a little insight with a list of 42 “do’s” and “don’t’s” every job seeker should know. See what they suggested.

Showing Off Your Experience

  • Do: Highlight Your Most Relevant Experience
  • Don’t: Freak Out If You Have No Relevant Experience
  • Do: Optimize for Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Don’t: Steal the Job Description’s Exact Wording
  • Do: Use Data
  • Don’t: Include Anything Confidential
  • Do: Include Soft Skills, Too!!
  • Don’t: Include Obvious Skills
  • Do: Consider Volunteer or Other Non-Work Experience
  • Don’t: Include Work With Controversial Organizations
  • Do: Include Personal Accomplishments
  • Don’t: Include Random, Unrelated, or Off-Putting Hobbies

Choosing Your Words Carefully

  • Don’t: Use Clichés or Jargon
  • Do: Use Real English
  • Don’t: Use Negative Phrases
  • Do: Use Powerful Verbs
  • Don’t: Include “References Upon Request”
  • Do: Include Your Contact Info
  • Don’t: Include Anything That Could Be Discriminated Against

Making It Look Amazing

  • Do: Keep it to One Page
  • Don’t: Squish it All In
  • Do: Consider a Creative or Digital Resume
  • Don’t: Spend All Your Time on the Design
  • Do: Start From a Template

  • Don’t: Use More Than 2 Fonts
  • Do: Make Sure Your Job Titles or Companies Stand Out
  • Don’t: Go Overboard With Text Effects


Getting It Written

  • Do: Swap Resumes With Colleagues

  • Don’t: Forget to Spell Check
  • Do: Create a Master Resume

  • Don’t: Send the Wrong Message

I myself have re-entered the job search realm and have found many of these tips to be real helpful when it came to re-working my resume. Looking back at my old resume made me cringe at how many “Don’t’s” I executed on. Looking at my new resume after making some suggested changes, I now feel more confident in my resume and the potential prospects it could lure in.

To find out other “do’s” and “don’ts” you can read the entire list here.


Posted on : 10 Feb 2015 11:18 AM

Great tips. It's good to share the resume with colleagues and get it double checked before forwarding it to the company where you're applying for job. Thanks!

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